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Week - 459

The Roleplay Cafe: Pilot
by purrfect_cookie
Description: Meepits are summoned when you least want them...

Week - 464

The Roleplay Cafe: Usuki Sets!
by purrfect_cookie
Description: I think I raised my pets a bit incorrectly. D:

Week - 469

The Roleplay Cafe: How Insulting
by purrfect_cookie
Description: Sticks and stones ain't got nothing on Veronica. XO

Week - 471

The Roleplay Cafe: Zap!
by purrfect_cookie
Description: ...and she changes into a Blue Aisha!

Week - 474

The Roleplay Cafe: Picnic
by purrfect_cookie
Description: The Money Tree isn't much of a picnicing spot, is it?

Week - 475

The Roleplay Cafe: Christmas
by purrfect_cookie
Description: What's wrong with you, PC?

Week - 479

The Roleplay Cafe: Wonder
by purrfect_cookie
Description: Veronica's more realistic than curious.

Week - 483

The Roleplay Cafe: Hero
by purrfect_cookie
Description: It takes more than having an iron stomach to be a hero. Really! u_u

Week - 485

The Roleplay Cafe
by purrfect_cookie
Description: Conclusion to issue 464's hypothesis: Yes. I HAVE raised my pets incorrectly.

Week - 507

The Roleplay Cafe
by purrfect_cookie
Description: I think she means "No", Huevos.

Week - 508

The Treasure Keepers
by purrfect_cookie
Description: Why can't I get customers that BUY SOMETHING?

Week - 526

Another Roleplay Cafe Christmas
by purrfect_cookie
Description: He sees you when you're sleeping! He doesn't necessarily know when you're awake!

Week - 537

The Roleplay Cafe: True Colors pt. 1
by purrfect_cookie
Description: And the last time I checked was like two years ago... dumb inflation! DX

Week - 538

The Roleplay Cafe: True Colors pt. 2
by purrfect_cookie
Description: Oh, Soup Kitchen! How we've missed you!

Week - 539

The Roleplay Cafe: True Colors pt. 3
by purrfect_cookie
Description: The wrath of SP is greater than that of the Snowager...

Week - 540

The Roleplay Cafe
by purrfect_cookie
Description: I want to read every book in Neopia! ...You know, except that one.

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