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Week - 465

Beyond Random
by supercheezee
Description: That explains... absolutely nothing.

Week - 490

Beyond Random II - The Non-Sequitur Sequel
by supercheezee
Description: In which our protagonist goes out to confront the face of evil (and, no, it's not a Meepit).

Week - 491

Beyond Random III
by supercheezee
Description: Artists who can draw neither cacti nor fishing poles should avoid drawing them. Should.

Week - 494

Mr. Slug's Quest (pt. 1)
by supercheezee
Description: If it's pink and sparkly, it's evil.

Week - 495

Mr. Slug's Quest (pt. 2)
by supercheezee
Description: In memory of all my P3s that have passed on. I PROMISE to feed the next generation.

Week - 496

Mr. Slug's Quest (pt. 3)
by supercheezee
Description: I? Cut and paste pictures? Never!

Week - 497

Mr. Slug's Quest (pt. 4)
by supercheezee
Description: Unattended corpses will be raised from the dead.

Week - 498

Mr. Slug's Quest (pt. 5)
by supercheezee
Description: How could he possibly be a bad guy? He has a moustache!

Week - 499

Mr. Slug's Quest (pt. 6)
by supercheezee
Description: Zombies, remember to get your eyes checked twice yearly.

Week - 500

Mr. Slug's Quest (Finale)
by supercheezee
Description: Aw, I just love happy endings.

Week - 501

So Says the Slorg!
by supercheezee
Description: Necromancy is one part dark magic and two parts lawyering.

Week - 502

So Says the Slorg!!
by supercheezee
Description: At the Villains of Neopia Annual Convention...

Week - 504

So Says the Slorg!
by supercheezee
Description: How Karma got stuck with Mr. Slug.

Week - 508

So Says the Slorg!
by supercheezee
Description: I'd almost feel sorry for him, if he wasn't evil.

Week - 510

So Says the Slorg!
by supercheezee
Description: Why Mr. Slug will never conquer Neopia.

Week - 511

So Says the Slorg!
by supercheezee
Description: Guest artist edition!

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