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Week - 473

Illusen and Jhudora's Night Out
by saabcd__aa
Description: This is the real situation. The two of them only kept up their "grudge" for the publicity.

Week - 494

The Unorthodox Expedition: Part One
by saabcd__aa
Description: It was another ghastly morning on Krawk Island.

Week - 495

The Unorthodox Expedition: Part Two
by saabcd__aa
Description: Lilith drank in a deep breath of the still, humid air. "Perseus, on days like these, it feels wonderful to be alive."

Week - 496

The Unorthodox Expedition: Part Three
by saabcd__aa
Description: Lilith Ferrars clomped down the steps of the Siren's Wail. Perseus, her black Seti, walked beside her. She was dressed for traveling...

Week - 497

The Unorthodox Expedition: Part Four
by saabcd__aa
Description: "Crew!" Captain Harmond called. Everyone turned towards him questioningly, with varying levels of attention.

Week - 498

The Unorthodox Expedition: Part Five
by saabcd__aa
Description: Unfortunately, Sam never did make it to dinner on his first day at sea.

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