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Week - 426

The Magical Faellie
by luna4400
Description: "I'm trying to create a potion for the 'make your own potion' contest. It has to be original, and I'm not allowed to look at any spell or magical potion books..."

Week - 429

Dangers Inside the Notebook
by luna4400
Description: Chris grabbed a starry notebook and pencil, then flew out his front door. Chris and his family lived in Mystery Island, two miles away from the fantastic beach.

Week - 432

A Dangerous Night With Balthazar
by luna4400
Description: "Balthazar!" the faerie squeaked.

Week - 433

The Shadow Mirror
by luna4400
Description: "So if I took a bat and whacked the Great Turmaculus, do you think he'd wake up?" Ello asked. The pink Faellie got a wide grin on her face.

Week - 434

On the Hunt
by luna4400
Description: "What kind of a petpet are you looking for?"

Art by luna4400

Week - 440

Imaginary Realm: Part One
by luna4400
Description: "Cannonball!" Ello exclaimed, slamming into the water! She created a huge splash, getting the whole boat wet...

Week - 441

Imaginary Realm: Part Two
by luna4400
Description: "Maybe," Ello half agreed, "but I'm starting to doubt that. Dead witches can't perform spells... unless they're ZOMBIES!"

Week - 442

Imaginary Realm: Part Three
by luna4400
Description: After ten minutes of trying to get out of the locked room, Chris finally gave up.

Week - 446

Caught in a Conspiracy: Part One
by luna4400
Description: "You know what you did," a Yurble guard replied. "You're in a conspiracy against King Skarl himself!"

Week - 447

Caught in a Conspiracy: Part Two
by luna4400
Description: "I'm here to break you out of here, on one condition," he answered.

Week - 473

Ninja Faellie Diaries: Part One
by luna4400
Description: "I'm always causing trouble, whether I mean to or not."

Week - 474

Ninja Faellie Diaries: Part Two
by luna4400
Description: "Then why did you leave a decoy in your bed?" Chris asked, holding up the pink Doglefox plushie. "You were trying to make me think you were still asleep!"

Week - 475

Ninja Faellie Diaries: Part Three
by luna4400
Description: "Hide!" Ello exclaimed. The Faellie then leaped upon the two Shoyrus, knocking them into an alleyway dumpster.

Week - 476

Ninja Faellie Diaries: Part Four
by luna4400
Description: "CHRIS! LOLA! Where are you?" Ello cried desperately, her voice going hoarse. This was bad. Really, really, bad! She had no idea where her friends were!

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