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Week - 383

Black and White. Special Guest: Pink!!
by fuzzymonkey31
Description: Really, this is supposed to not have colour, but...

Week - 397

Black and White: S-word
by fuzzymonkey31
Description: The word that makes a Marshmallow Grundo's blood run cold...

Week - 415

Black and White: The Pant Devil
by fuzzymonkey31
Description: Hey, he has to eat!

Week - 417

Black and White
by fuzzymonkey31
Description: So, you may be able to beat the Pant Devil in the Battledome... but Meka can one up you there.

Week - 467

Dead Flowers
by fuzzymonkey31
Description: It lay in a mass of tangled vines, broken stones and dark, barren dirt.

Week - 472

Academics and Dust
by fuzzymonkey31
Description: The library had been arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System, but no longer adhered to those rules and regulations...

Week - 473

I'll be Home for Christmas: Part One
by fuzzymonkey31
Description: Every flake is unique, they say; completely different from every single snowflake that ever was or ever would be. But right now they all looked very much the same: angry, cold and threatening.

Week - 474

I'll be Home for Christmas: Part Two
by fuzzymonkey31
Description: Standing at the base of Terror Mountain and looking up is a daunting sight that can take the wind right out of you and replace your stomach with butterflies. It's even worse when the weather is terrible.

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