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Week - 442

Friends Forever?
by vendince
Description: Galaxy felt like the luckiest Grundo in the whole world. Her owner, her little girl, played with her every day.

Week - 446

Galaxy - the Warrior Princess
by vendince
Description: "How is the money earning going?" asked Buzzie quietly. He was the only one in the book club who knew that Galaxy might not be able to go to the 'Books Of The World'.

Week - 447

Round and Round
by vendince
Description: "Let's do something fun today!" said Miraculin at the breakfast table...

Week - 450

Milk and Cookie - Around the World
by vendince
Description: In a cosy cottage outside of Meridell lived two good friends - Milk and Cookie.

Week - 461

Milk and Cookie Visit the Healing Springs
by vendince
Description: In a cosy cottage by the sea in the land of Meridell lived Milk and Cookie.

Week - 472

Titanuis and the Invisible Pyramid
by vendince
Description: Titanuis had spent the rest of the day in his bedroom reading and looking at maps. There were stories about an invisible pyramid that was only visible the moment when the sun rose and set...

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