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Week - 446

Pirate Jeers
by emrozi
Description: "I'm black-and-white," Roiniy would mutter under her breath, but she never dared respond openly.

Week - 452

Same Old Story
by emrozi
Description: He'd learnt a long time ago that it was easier to be brash from the beginning. Saved disappointment later on.

Week - 454

A Beautiful Zombie
by emrozi
Description: Please don't run away. I may not be the prettiest Usul to look at, but I wasn't always a zombie.

Week - 456

Clohofe's New Siblings
by emrozi
Description: Clohofe was starting to feel resentful.

Week - 461

Sylfio's Ice Cream Sodas
by emrozi
Description: "Sylfio," they'll say, "do you think your dairy origins give you a certain affinity for ice cream? And for that matter—how did you become chocolate?"

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