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Week - 347

Shadows Rising
by cookybananas324
Description: An Usul seeks remembrance in the history books, but she finds that it's not called the Forbidden Mountain for nothing...

Week - 351

Slushie Madness
by cookybananas324
Description: Down they came marching to Kana's slushie stand. They all wanted slushies, and they wanted them now...

Week - 363

A Modest Proposal
by cookybananas324
Description: The proposal is modest. The author... maybe not so much, but her ego is probably a little less inflated than the economy.

Week - 366

The Ancient Castle
by cookybananas324
Description: As they walked into the castle, someone watched them from one of the few intact towers.

More guests! How delightful! I do hope they'll stay for the banquet...

Week - 391

Trading For Fun and Profit
by cookybananas324
Description: I set up a sign:

Owner UFT!

Then I sat down and waited.

Week - 415

Pirating For Somewhat Less Fun and Profit
by cookybananas324
Description: "Oh. Er, that wasn't me. It was some other Darigan Eyrie who just happens to share my name."

Week - 437

A Very Hairy Faerie Day
by cookybananas324
Description: Faeries are people, just like any mortal, with all the flaws and virtues that entails.

So really, it's not at all surprising what happened on one fateful day when things got a bit hairy...

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