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Week - 175

Of Wockies and Rukies
by dan4884
Description: "Well, uh," Sapphire replied, "I've never seen a Ruki before!" she blurted out. "What are you doing here in Neopia Central? I thought you were a Lost Desert pet!"

Week - 191

The Essential Guide to TCG Deck-Building
by dan4884
Description: Building a TCG deck can be challenging. It’s taken me an extremely long time to perfect my deck, and believe me; it’s nowhere near being completed...

Week - 193

To The Fairest
by dan4884
Description: "I have a proposition. Let's have a Neopet choose the winner of this competition..."

Also by fetchanddotty

Week - 215

Brucey B Chronicles
by imogenweasley
Description: People walked past Brucey with strange looks, but he was used to it. He just shrugged it off and kept digging...

Also by dan4884

Week - 216

The Long Road Home
by dan4884
Description: No one wanted to be seen with such a freak, it seemed. So, I began to avoid Cooper too...

Week - 217

Sight: Part One
by dan4884
Description: I closed and opened my eyes again, and still there was darkness. I began to panic...

Week - 218

Sight: Part Two
by dan4884
Description: I felt like I had been unconscious for only a minute or two. But I could feel the temperature had dropped. It must be dark...

Week - 219

Sight: Part Three
by dan4884

Week - 220

Sight: Part Four
by dan4884
Description: She just nodded with a smile, and said, "The effect will only last for about two or three hours. Now be off! Slygor could hurt my paintings at any second."

Week - 221

Sight: Part Five
by dan4884
Description: "Lage!" Aylie shouted, still unaware of my hurt. "He could wake up at any moment! If we're going to get all of this back, we'd better start moving."

Week - 220

by dan4884
Description: Greetings, my title is LUPE-X9; I am a Robot Lupe serving under the glorious reign of Dr. Sloth...

Week - 221

The Inn: Part One
by chocolateisamust
Description: It was a Christmas Eve most would prefer to not remember later on. It was cold and damp outside, and a blizzard was stirring up...

Also by dan4884

Week - 222

The Inn: Part Two
by chocolateisamust
Description: "Who is he?" I asked in a squeaking tone...

Also by dan4884

Week - 222

Thank Heaven For Year Seven!
by dan4884
Description: Many things happened in the past year, so we thought we'd be nice and tell you about it again, just in case you forgot!

Also by puppy200010

Week - 225

Tales From Cabin Eight: the Creature in the Cabin
by dan4884
Description: Cabin Eight, however, was the worst of the lot. There seemed to be something about this cabin, a bad aura if you will...

Week - 226

by dan4884
Description: The moment had been etched in my brain for a long time. A thousand years, to be exact. Now was the time I would awaken. Now was the time I would return...

Week - 228

Of Rainy Days and Board Games
by dan4884
Description: The commanders stared at each other stone faced across the battlefield. The biggest war in all of Neopia was starting at my dining room table...

Week - 226

Jhudora: Naughty or Nice?
by dan4884
Description: That’s right, I’m at Jhudora’s home in Faerieland, and I’m here to investigate the mystery that’s on everyone’s mind: is Jhudora really evil?

Week - 230

The Power of One
by dan4884
Description: He was, I noticed immediately, very large, and also very angry. With a chapped and muted gold hide and tiny but sharp claws, he was one of the more ferocious Grarrls I have seen...

Also by orginalcliche

Week - 235

Balthazar's Beginning
by dan4884
Description: Spyder webs clung to the trees, catching in Balthazar's fur as he ran. A huge clap of thunder sounded from the storm clouds. The young Lupe darted behind a large boulder, whimpering in fear...

Also written by neox52492

Week - 236

The Five Sacred Stones of Geraptiku: Part One
by dan4884
Description: What stumped the archaeologists, however, was what happened to the citizens of Geraptiku. They couldn't tell if they deserted the town, or if something killed them off...

Week - 237

The Five Sacred Stones of Geraptiku: Part Two
by dan4884
Description: I headed towards the source of screams and fire, only half aware of what I was doing. I still couldn’t believe I had traveled back in time, and why I was rushing towards the attack was even more unbelievable. But something was pulling me towards it...

Week - 238

The Five Sacred Stones of Geraptiku: Part Three
by dan4884
Description: I suddenly had a vision of me discovering what happened, and even changing it. I could change the past and affect the future. I could save Geraptiku and preserve it for centuries to come...

Week - 239

The Five Sacred Stones of Geraptiku: Part Four
by dan4884
Description: After a few minutes' walk, we found ourselves in a large cavern where a Kyrii with strange markings was waiting for us...

Week - 240

The Five Sacred Stones of Geraptiku: Part Five
by dan4884
Description: I couldn't see Tura-Kepek, but I could hear him. He was walking towards my hiding spot in the dark...

Week - 241

The Five Sacred Stones of Geraptiku: Part Six
by dan4884
Description: The next morning, I decided to return to Geraptiku. I had to see it again...

Week - 237

Tales from Cabin Eight: The Witch in the Woods
by dan4884
Description: The disappearance of the Spyder was still on the minds of the children. It didn't make sense at all. How could the Spyder have disappeared right out of the cabin?

Week - 242

The Treasure
by dan4884
Description: He had hiked over countless dunes and had been tricked by countless mirages that appeared in the sweltering heat of the Lost Desert. Remnok was a nomad...

Week - 248

Talek's Tale
by dan4884
Description: The sword was heavy. Talek had difficulty when he tried to swing it with one hand, as he was taught...

Also by imogenweasley

Week - 250

The Cheesy Villains Awards
by dan4884
Description: We've got a great show lined up for tonight! But first let's head on over to the red carpet, where many villains are already arriving! Our correspondent Lord Darigan is waiting.

Also by blubblub317

Week - 254

Dear Crabby
by dan4884
Description: Here is my first piece of advice: read my article now or suffer the consequences. This is for your own good. Do not deny it. You will not be able to. I have friends in high places.

Week - 256

by dan4884
Description: "Great work, crew!" a white Blumaroo said, slumped in his Captain's chair. "Now we just need to figure out how we got into this mess in the first place. Commander Talinia?"

Week - 257

A Different Kind of Game
by precious_katuch14
Description: It was an ordinary chessboard; black and white squares arranged perfectly, pieces poised for their duty...

Also by dan4884

Week - 259

Sticky Hand!
by imogenweasley
Description: Fetch!

Written by dan4884

Week - 261

The Hall of Mirrors
by dan4884
Description: No one is interested in a Hall of Mirrors. Why journey through a tent filled with mirrors when stalls filled with exciting games are right next door? Naturally, the Hall only gets a visitor once in a blue moon. Tonight the moon is a lovely shade of blue...

Week - 263

Tales From Cabin Eight: The Halloween Away From Home
by dan4884
Description: "Perfect! Together, we can create an awesome Brain Tree costume!"

Week - 265

Dear Crabby: Bring On the Happy!
by dan4884
Description: Well, readers, I'm back in all my crabby glory! Or not.

Week - 268

Queen Fyora's Guide to Status Symbols
by dan4884
Description: It is I, Queen Fyora, in all her glory and glamour, writing to you from the Hidden Tower (and no, I won't tell you where it is).

Week - 272

Letters to Rosie
by dan4884
Description: I'm sorry I haven't written as much as I promised I would in the past two weeks, but I've still been trying to settle in here. Hopefully this letter will be the first of many...

Week - 271

Christmas with the Hollidays
by dan4884
Description: Flora wasn't even listening. "Ohemgee!" she suddenly burst out, causing her daughters to wince. "Your daddy's coming home in three days!"

Also by ssjelitegirl

Week - 273

Brothers and Kings
by dan4884
Description: Ryoran nodded. "Though I wish Mother and Father were here still," he said, referring to the strange deaths the King and Queen had suffered...

Art by imogenweasley

Week - 276

Morguss: Behind the Ugly
by dan4884
Description: We're here at the edge of Darigan Citadel, which isn't exactly the safest place to be standing.

Also by extreme_fj0rd

Week - 282

Double Crossed
by nut862
Description: "I have things I want to buy, too, you know. To do that I'll need money. And to get money..." A gleam came into his yellow eyes as he scanned the dark woods...

Also by dan4884

Art by nut862

Week - 296

Dear Crabby: I'm A Superstar, You're Not
by dan4884
Description: So now I'm not only the crabbiest Mutant Lenny advice columnist, I'm the richest Mutant Lenny advice columnist! All bow down to my awesome might!

Week - 286

Revenge and Resistance: Part One
by dan4884
Description: Sloth was coming. He had spent the last half a decade or so planning his attack carefully, and everything was ready. It was time to put his plan into action...

Week - 287

Revenge and Resistance: Part Two
by dan4884
Description: The door clanged as Sloth kicked it open, and he stepped forth into the cluttered room. In front of the group stood a hodgepodge of machines, all with blinking lights...

Week - 288

Revenge and Resistance: Part Three
by dan4884
Description: Sloth smirked. "Your silence speaks volumes..."

Week - 289

Revenge and Resistance: Part Four
by dan4884
Description: "Do not underestimate the Space Faerie," Sloth said through gritted teeth. "She is a faerie, one of the best as far as I know. No, the signal was received; I'm sure of it!" he roared...

Week - 290

Revenge and Resistance: Part Five
by dan4884
Description: As for Sloth, his troops were now bordering on unstoppable. Robots and mutant Grundos crowded the halls of the Space Station. Sloth's highest officers held meetings nearly every day to plot out strategy. New recruits were flowing out of the secret laboratory every minute...

Week - 291

Revenge and Resistance: Part Six
by dan4884
Description: Instantly, he was attacked by six or seven beams of light, but his blasters managed to take care of the guards. Soon, only Fyora was left standing in front of him...

Week - 292

Revenge and Resistance: Part Seven
by dan4884
Description: "I resign," Gormos mumbled. "I can't do this anymore. I'm not the right person to do it; I can't handle this pressure..."

Week - 293

Revenge and Resistance: Part Eight
by dan4884
Description: They began sifting through the rubble, looking for any signs. Problem was, they couldn't find anything but exploded rock and twisted steel. There never was anybody in here...

Week - 295

Revenge and Resistance: Part Nine
by dan4884
Description: "You were needed more than you thought," Gorix said. "We were lost without you. In fact, many left the group..."

Week - 294

A Thousand Years
by ssjelitegirl
Description: Fyora gazed out of the window, letting her mind drift. The sight of the ocean brought back many memories. She was old, older than she liked to admit...

Also by dan4884

Art by ssjelitegirl

Week - 300

Behind The Scenes
by dan4884
Description: The white Weewoos were sitting on the roof of the Neopian Times headquarters as well as on the branches of nearby trees, cooing at each other...

Also by ssjelitegirl with art by ssjelitegirl

Week - 299

In The Pit
by dan4884
Description: "How was it, Larry?" a voice asked from the dark as the Fire Yooyu descended into the shadows and the doors slid together again above him. "I heard the Blumaroo throws too hard..."

Week - 311

by dan4884
Description: And people called him a Gormball Legend? Fat chance. So when I heard that this was his last year of competing...

Also by kittygirl5170

Week - 315

The Dare and the Doll
by dan4884
Description: As I crept through the back door of the dilapidated cottage, I was having second thoughts. No, scratch that, I must've been at third or fourth thoughts by then..

Also by extreme_fj0rd

Week - 344

Family Secrets: Part One
by dan4884
Description: "How's your mother?" I asked politely as I poured him a small glass of the shimmering elixir. Although I hadn't spoken to her in nearly five years, she was, after all, my sister...

Week - 345

Family Secrets: Part Two
by dan4884
Description: I found it odd that Swin didn't get up to greet his father. If I were in that position, I'd be hugging him as tightly as I could...

Week - 346

Family Secrets: Part Three
by dan4884
Description: I could have slapped the kid. I couldn't believe he killed the atmosphere with his insipid sob story about Calliope. Really? She's sick? Quite the little con man...

Week - 347

Family Secrets: Part Four
by dan4884
Description: It appalled me. I thought I had raised him better. I thought I had raised all of my children better...

Week - 350

Dear Crabby: I Hate You All
by dan4884
Description: Apparently this week is Issue 350, and according to my editor, that's some big event. All of the columnists are supposed to write celebration-themed articles. To this I say, "Pbbbth."

Week - 362

Life is a Cliche
by blubblub317
Description: Once upon a time, there lived a pink Uni named Priscilla. She was very pretty and she knew it.

Also by dan4884

Week - 372

by dan4884
Description: Most of the other investigators were spending time with their families, leaving Gareth to manage all claims that might arise over the holiday.

Week - 422

Above The Ashes: Part One
by dan4884
Description: She shot into the sky, searching for her friend Avere. After nearly twenty minutes, she still could not spot her friend...

Also by imogenweasley. Art by imogenweasley.

Week - 423

Above The Ashes: Part Two
by dan4884
Description: Tyrannia was not known for its pleasant weather.

Also by imogenweasley. Art by imogenweasley.

Week - 424

Above The Ashes: Part Three
by dan4884
Description: "Ah, yes, Grand Elder Kyruggi. I daresay your story is the most alarming of them all. By all means, begin," Fyora invited her...

Also by imogenweasley. Art by imogenweasley.

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