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Week - 331

Rainbow Fountain Woes
by yampuff
Description: Why the Rainbow Fountain Faerie hates avatars...

Week - 338

When Muffins Fail
by yampuff
Description: Freshly baked muffins don't always bring happiness...

Week - 347

Getting the Best of the Post
by yampuff
Description: It makes a huge difference if the trade is the newest one there or the oldest.

Week - 350

Secrets of the Petpet Lab
by yampuff
Description: I've lost my marbles!

Also by starluff

Week - 352

Mind Boggling!
by yampuff
Description: A list of Neopia's top ten brain-teasers, each in a different location!

Week - 351

Silence of the Techo-fan
by yampuff
Description: There was only one fellow in Neopia who could do the job.

Week - 354

Happily Traded
by yampuff
Description: "Not all Neopets get along with their owners. Not all of us are happy simply with being well fed and cared for."

Week - 362

Just so Cute!
by yampuff
Description: You're so cute! No no no, YOU'RE cute! No way, it is you who is cute!

Week - 365

by yampuff
Description: Don't hurt him, he's my friend! D:

Week - 367

Grumpy Old Kings
by yampuff
Description: I always wondered where Skarl and Hagan get to during their breaks.

Week - 372

Seasonal Avatars
by yampuff
Description: Fifteen of the most seasonal, Christmas-y avatars out there! :)

Week - 380

Your Pot
by yampuff
Description: My free pot! D:

Week - 382

A Slorg by Any Other Name
by yampuff
Description: An article about the latest pet-naming trends.

Week - 386

Balthazar Blues
by yampuff
Description: Who says Paint Brushes have no practical function?

Idea by neckties

Week - 384

by yampuff
Description: Back to the easy quests for you!

Idea by neckties

Week - 403

Key Quest and Science
by yampuff
Description: That tree grew from no ordinary seed!

Week - 405

Celandine: Part One
by yampuff
Description: "To help you find your way," he said simply and walked back to the Mystery Island Training School. Lanshar looked down. It was a Golden Compass.

Week - 406

Celandine: Part Two
by yampuff
Description: "Why would you run away? He was attacking us in our home! We should have stood up for ourselves. What if he burns Luminescent down!?"

Week - 407

Celandine: Part Three
by yampuff
Description: "Apparently Searexes were once powerful, magical creatures who ruled the five seas of Neopia. But they were tricked into granting a nasty fellow's wish who changed them into the Petpets they are now."

Week - 408

Celandine: Part Four
by yampuff
Description: Once outside the walls of Brightvale, Lanshar stopped and confronted Para. "After all these years, you've never told us where you came from..."

Week - 409

Celandine: Part Five
by yampuff
Description: He was bringing them to the ruins of Maraqua, where Breanja would try and locate an old friend of hers, who could tell them all they needed to know about the Searex.

Week - 410

Celandine: Part Six
by yampuff
Description: "Well," Narcis had replied, "it helped you seal an agreement with me, didn't it? And I'm helping you find your way. Works out pretty well, don't you think?"

Week - 411

Celandine: Part Seven
by yampuff
Description: "There's no point. He's sending all his forces. One Neopet will never make a difference," said Lanshar in despair.

Week - 412

Celandine: Part Eight
by yampuff
Description: "What right do you have to rob her of her freedom?" Para asked angrily. "Or any of us?"

Week - 415

13 Halloween Avatars
by yampuff
Description: Thirteen must-have avatars just for Halloween!

Week - 416

Home for Halloween
by yampuff
Description: When Halloween comes to you!

Also by starluff

Week - 417

Halloween Meeps
by yampuff
Description: Stranger things have happened... or have they?

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