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Week - 306

Memoirs of a Poogle
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: I was not special then. I was just another dreamer to be scoffed at...

Week - 307

Discoveries of Professor P. Shaw: The Feepit
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: After many years and millions of neopoints, the great Professor P. Shaw has at last unraveled three mysteries of the Feepit...

Week - 315

Discoveries of Professor P. Shaw: The Meepit
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: So. The Meepit. The first great discovery, as the professor likes to call them, is the fact that Meepits are not a threat.

Week - 348

I'm Sorry
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: The young Korbat stared up at his father with large, frightened eyes. "I'm sorry, Daddy..."

Week - 349

Being Grey: Part One
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: Why were they attacking her in the first place? Did they want her gone that badly?

Also by psychopsam

Week - 350

Being Grey: Part Two
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: "Idiot," Laeren whispered under her breath as the faerie stepped closer. This had all been a trap...

Also by psychopsam

Week - 351

Being Grey: Part Three
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: Those words, those three words – so innocent, so harmless, and yet they were dangerous and painful beyond anything imaginable...

Also by psychopsam

Week - 352

Being Grey: Part Four
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: Was it possible Laeren hadn't found her note? Or maybe she had – and was too angry at her to come?

Also by psychopsam

Week - 353

Being Grey: Part Five
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: Laeren stared at Mierelle, gaping slightly. Part of her might have known right from the start...

Also by psychopsam

Week - 397

A Bedtime Story
by mithril_mithrandir
Description: Blimey, don't start a temper tantrum now. Just, don't. I'm not in the mood for the yelling and tears and stomping – so, gosh, I'll tell you the bedtime story, happy?

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