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Week - 363

What To Collect
by iloenchen
Description: It seems like you're the only one who cannot show off with a large collection, not because you don't want to start one but because you simply do not know what to collect.

Week - 365

A Second Look
by iloenchen
Description: How long would he have to stay in the house? If he spent ten minutes in the entrance hall, would it be enough?

Week - 372

On A Cold Winter Night
by iloenchen
Description: Winter was not a good time to travel into Altador by foot, and especially not for someone who had to use hidden paths. By the time the spy reached the city wall, water had soaked through her boots...

Week - 374

Bop A Ghost
by iloenchen
Description: You've got nine different gravestones, arranged in a 3x3 grid, that you control with your keyboard to whack Ghost petpets.

Week - 373

Hairy Sweaters
by iloenchen
Description: Why would any respectable pet shave their head? Maybe a new trend.

Week - 375

Put the Pieces Together
by iloenchen
Description: Think of it like a mosaic. Each piece has a different place where it goes, and it is up to you to find out how to put them together.

Week - 378

Fifteen Years Ago
by iloenchen
Description: Like a thunderstorm it rolled towards her, dark clouds threatening to crash once they had reached her. Valentines Day.

Week - 380

by iloenchen
Description: Hidden in a corner of the orange complex, you can find the Booktastic Book Shop.

Week - 379

Bull's Eye
by iloenchen
Description: "Well," Rosie giggled. "That was not even close to the bull's eye."

Week - 383

by iloenchen
Description: Still grinning, the Zafara looked down at the doll in her hands as she walked away from Erin's house. Old and battered, its limbs hung down loosely.

Week - 384

Just a Game
by iloenchen
Description: "So you've had a lucky shot. Congrats. But I'm sure that you're not going to do as well when the target is smaller."

Week - 385

Of Hidden Towns and Secret Messages
by iloenchen
Description: The Desert Aisha's soft leather boots made no sound as he sneaked towards the back. For some reason, he found it important not to disturb the silence inside the tomb...

Week - 387

Easter Negg Hunt
by iloenchen
Description: Which Neggs will you choose and where will you hide them?

Week - 395

Follow the Crowds
by iloenchen
Description: Whee....

Also by sariphe

Week - 394

A Faerie Queen Banquet
by iloenchen
Description: Most of my time is spent with tasks that I actually enjoy – like organizing the Annual Faerie Banquet.

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