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Week - 371

The Ancient Tree
by newmoon653
Description: "There is a legend," Jack started, "of a tree so ancient that it has the whole history of Neopia on its bark..."

Week - 383

A Guide To Snow Roller
by newmoon653
Description: You take the place of a small furry minion sent out by the Snow Beast himself, due to the fact that the Snow Beast wants revenge on the residents of Terror Mountain...

Week - 388

The Wish: Part One
by newmoon653
Description: "Thank you," she murmured. "I can give you one wish. But choose wisely. I will not give you another wish..."

Week - 389

The Wish: Part Two
by newmoon653
Description: "Someone has to teach you more about faeries, right? And that person is me."

Week - 390

The Wish: Part Three
by newmoon653
Description: "Shh," a voice cautioned from out of nowhere. "It's me," the dark faerie muttered. "Don't worry yourself. Take my hand."

Week - 391

The Wish: Part Four
by newmoon653
Description: I stopped at Kiko Lake. My wings were tired, and I couldn't fly another inch. The baby Zafara was sleeping in my arms...

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