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Week - 311

The Mysterious Aisha Sorceress
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: She once was a normal Aisha--an Aisha named Melora. That, however, was some twenty years ago...

Week - 315

A Mystical Halloween
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: Somewhere in the distance a Werelupe howled and a witch cackled. Yes, it was that time of year again, for kids to dress up and ask strangers for candy...

Week - 323

A Terror (Mountain) Christmas
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: "Come on, Arpheo, the tree looks fine the way it is," Orpheus said. He wrapped a warm scarf around his neck. "Char, Isca, and I are going up to the Advent Calendar. You're coming, right?"

Week - 375

The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part One
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: I am Jake, Neopia's greatest explorer; a blue Kougra ready for the next lost temple, the next powerful talisman, the next forgotten tomb. And that next adventure starts here...

Week - 376

The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part Two
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: The captain of the ship - a blue Xweetok - announced that we had arrived. "Welcome to Krawk Island, I hope you enjoy your stay."

Week - 377

The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part Three
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: "Cursed," Jazan finished forebodingly. "And I know a cursed city when I see one."

Week - 378

The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part Four
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: "What? Why? Where are you taking me? I'm a very busy explorer, don't you know."

Week - 379

The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part Five
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: "There are some ruins of an ancient temple in the mountains overlooking Meridell..."

Week - 380

The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part Six
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: "Exploring, eh? That's what I LIVE for. How 'bout we team up together, eh, old chap?" Mr. Colchester grinned my way.

Week - 381

The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part Seven
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: I'm here in the kingdom of Altador now, researching on the Golden Alabriss that the Ruby Feather of Mirth showed me.

Week - 382

The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part Eight
by aisha_enchantress110
Description: "If you buy something, I MIGHT have a tale for you," the Shoyru said.

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