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Week - 209

by maiinoki
Description: You serious...?

Week - 215

by maiinoki
Description: He looks so insane...

Week - 256

by maiinoki
Description: Get a grip.

Week - 260

by maiinoki
Description: "It looks like your Shoyru has a bad case of Neogitus."

Week - 267

by maiinoki
Description: You call that a petpet?

Week - 297

Open Heart- Epi 1
by maiinoki
Description: I'm sending a pet to my friend!

Week - 298

Open Heart- Epi 2
by maiinoki
Description: It's about time you adopted a Neopet!

Week - 299

Open Heart- Epi 3
by maiinoki
Description: Rise n' shine!

Week - 300

Open Heart- Epi 4
by maiinoki
Description: That's when I met a Gelert.

Week - 302

Open Heart- Epi 5
by maiinoki
Description: Let me tell you what happened.

Week - 303

Open Heart- Finale
by maiinoki
Description: I'm such an idiot!

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