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Week - 255

Petpet Adventures: Petpetnapped - Part One
by rachelindea
Description: Ellen the Doglefox was perched on top of the fence, as she always was. Thon made his way towards her...

Week - 256

Petpet Adventures: Petpetnapped - Part Two
by rachelindea
Description: From the darkness appeared another petpet. Thon could just make out the shape of wings and a sharp beak...

Week - 257

Petpet Adventures: Petpetnapped - Part Three
by rachelindea
Description: "This is a long way from the suburbs," Ellen commented gloomily, echoing his thoughts...

Week - 258

Petpet Adventures: Petpetnapped - Part Four
by rachelindea
Description: "Good," said Leaury, who had been awake all along. "I don't fancy staying here for another night. If we get out of here today we will be almost there..."

Week - 279

Petpet Adventures: Runaway - Part One
by rachelindea
Description: The Juma smiled and uncurled her body. "Yes, I am," she answered. "I woke my pet up, but I managed to escape in a couple of minutes..."

Week - 280

Petpet Adventures: Runaway - Part Two
by rachelindea
Description: She burst through the doorway and into the garden. As fast as she could, she headed for the fence. She could hear Malei's harsh breathing as he followed...

Week - 281

Petpet Adventures: Runaway - Part Three
by rachelindea
Description: She couldn't see Archilles from this position, but she could see the Ruki's legs and arms playing with Jalla. She saw them stop and held her breath. Then she heard a loud yell, and knew that Archilles had been spotted...

Week - 282

Petpet Adventures: Runaway - Part Four
by rachelindea
Description: The port lay before Folfeux. It was built on a large cove to the west of Shenkuu and the water glistened dully in the late afternoon light. It had only taken a day to reach, but already the small Juma was tired...

Week - 283

Petpet Adventures: Runaway - Part Five
by rachelindea
Description: Archilles gave her a sharp nudge. "Well, what are they saying?" he asked impatiently...

Week - 284

Petpet Adventures: Runaway - Part Six
by rachelindea
Description: The interior of the palace was as grand as the outside; covered in rich tapestries and soft carpets. Decorative ornaments lined the walls. Folfeux stared...

Week - 285

Petpet Adventures: Runaway - Part Seven
by rachelindea
Description: Kiya paused, and then realisation dawned on her face. "Yes," she whispered. "You need to get down to the treasury..."

Week - 286

Petpet Adventures: Runaway - Part Eight
by rachelindea
Description: She had been trying to make him angry, and she succeeded. With an angry snarl, he launched himself towards her, waving Thyra's Dagger angrily...

Week - 297

Curse of the Werelupe: Part One
by rachelindea
Description: "Great," Jenn exclaimed. "Now I only have to wait for your brothers to wake up so I can give you your present." She seemed to be bubbling with excitement...

Week - 298

Curse of the Werelupe: Part Two
by rachelindea
Description: His eyes glowed a luminous green. "Blink!" Gioama shouted, losing his patience. "Move, anything. Just stop staring!"

Week - 299

Curse of the Werelupe: Part Three
by rachelindea
Description: "I'm fine," he gasped. "There's nothing wrong..." He swayed and his legs collapsed underneath him...

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