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Week - 251

7 Steps to a Smarter Neopet: A Guide For Dummies
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: Of course you have to pick which pet you're going to make smarter! If you only have one pet, then you're set.

Week - 261

A Draik and Her Petpet
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: "And let that be a lesson to you, Mr. Pant Devil!"

Week - 272

A Heroine's Heist: Part One
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: Cassie rarely ever visited this part of Sakhmet to see Stan, but when she did, Stan was not amused...

Week - 273

A Heroine's Heist: Part Two
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: Nearly a day had gone by and there was still no sign of Cassie. The chase had happened last afternoon, and now it was almost noon. Drawing a small match out of his pocket, Stan struck the match...

Week - 274

A Heroine's Heist: Part Three
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: Stan had finally caught up with the Elephante guards and now stood behind them. He watched in awe as Cassie climbed up the gates...

Week - 275

A Heroine's Heist: Part Four
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: She had been taught that the juice from a puntec fruit was good for cuts and scars. When Cassie finally found one, she carefully broke it in half...

Week - 279

Spyder Bite
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: He entered the living room. It was just like he'd expected it to look. His other sister Sara was clinging to the chandelier and a tiny Spyder was perched on the floor...

Week - 284

On Gilded Wings
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: Kauvara gestured towards a shelf on the left, and the Tuskaninny replied with a "Thank you." The Kau watched as the girl stared in awe at the wonderful potions, inspecting their every detail with great caution...

Week - 286

Inside the Crate
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: Lyssa snapped her fingers. "Of course!" She frowned. "But do we have enough Neopoints?"

Week - 288

Dirty Habits
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: Kristie cheered and skipped happily out of her room, dodging the many plushies, books, boxes and other miscellaneous items that cluttered her floor...

Week - 299

The Old Switcheroo
by jayandcourtneyk
Description: "Mama, please listen to me! I don't want to be a Uni anymore!"

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