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Week - 207

Will You Remember Me?
by lightninglover34
Description: He trudged through the knee-high snowdrifts, pulling his frayed and patched coat around him. Yes, it was cold, but what choice did he have?

Week - 218

The Working Girl
by lightninglover34
Description: Plodding down the hall and yanking open the door, she stumbled through the sea of plushies covering the rug and arrived, alive, by the side of the bed. "What now?"

Week - 227

Offline - Hiding From the Meepits: Part One
by lightninglover34
Description: I'm a detective. Mostly small jobs, but every so often something strange crops up.

Week - 228

Offline - Hiding From the Meepits: Part Two
by lightninglover34
Description: My heart sank in numb disbelief. Each and every space was blank. The ferry was offline, just like everyone else...

Week - 229

Offline - Hiding From the Meepits: Part Three
by lightninglover34
Description: This was impossible! I had only been gone…what, ten minutes? How in Neopia could all of the Meepits have vanished?

Week - 243

by lightninglover34
Description: Mum didn't even look up from the book she was reading, sprawled on the bed with candy wrappers littered all over the bed. "More chocolate pretzels." Sana let out a little sigh...

Week - 249

Errand Girl
by lightninglover34
Description: "How many times have I told you not to play in the mud?"

Week - 255

The Same But Different
by lightninglover34
Description: Sarah walked down the hall to the girls' room, and the noise suddenly stopped. As their mother opened the door, Abby and Tara plopped down on their pillows and smiled innocently at her...

Week - 257

Eavesdropper's Answers: Part One
by lightninglover34
Description: She climbed the steps to her front door and was about to open it when she heard voices...

Week - 258

Eavesdropper's Answers: Part Two
by lightninglover34
Description: "Yasha, parents lie a lot. They usually try to keep us safe. Although sometimes they do 'forget' to tell us that there's cake in the freezer, and they 'forget' to tell their kid she's adopted."

Week - 273

Something You Know About
by lightninglover34
Description: "Let me read what you've written so far." She extended her paw and Coral grudgingly placed the sheaf of papers into Portia's grasp...

Week - 297

Fire and Air
by lightninglover34
Description: The slender air faerie ducked just in time, unfortunately. Unfortunatelier, the fireball continued forward with no intention of stopping...

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