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Week - 294

Faded Memories #1: Forgotten Princess - Part One
by kit_3_3_3
Description: She had only seen one other day like this during her reign as queen. It was a day that she desperately wished to forget, but its memory continued to haunt her. It was a day only a few remembered...

Week - 295

Faded Memories #1: Forgotten Princess - Part Two
by kit_3_3_3
Description: "I found a way out of the palace," said Navaleen excitedly. "Come on! I'll show you." It only took a matter of seconds for Fyora to get ready...

Week - 296

Faded Memories #1: Forgotten Princess - Part Three
by kit_3_3_3
Description: Navaleen was shocked to discover however that the queen's wrath did not scare her as it once had. She only partially listened...

Week - 297

Faded Memories #1: Forgotten Princess - Part Four
by kit_3_3_3
Description: Navaleen felt guilt rise in her throat. She could tell Fyora thought she didn't trust her. Neither girl had ever kept something from the other. The truth was, Navaleen had been so caught up with her fencing lessons that she hadn't thought to tell Fyora...

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