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Week - 285

Random Event Faerie: Fact or Fiction?
by qazx301
Description: No! Really! It makes sense! We have a Snow Faerie, a Negg Faerie, and quest faeries! Why can't we have a random event faerie?

Week - 290

The Un-Surprise Party
by qazx301
Description: "I don't know. What kind of surprise?" I tried to play the fool, but I was an expert on surprise parties...

Week - 292

The Classy Petpet
by qazx301
Description: Nowadays, most Petpets have no idea what it takes to be truly classy. They spend their time rolling in mud and eating Petpet chow! Now, me, I spend my time at parties and balls thrown by the very creme of Petpet society!

Week - 293

Jhudora Who?
by qazx301
Description: "Why can't I even pull off the least tiny bit of evil? Why are my plots always found out? Maybe I should stop talking to myself when I plot! Especially when I'm in public!"

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