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Week - 164

Savak: The Medallion - Part One
by zephandolf
Description: "You're becoming an adult. One journey in your life is coming to an end, and another one is about to begin."

Week - 165

Savak: The Medallion - Part Two
by zephandolf
Description: Looking uneasy, Kosek padded closer to the cage. "So what do we do now?" he asked. "Do we leave him here?"

Week - 166

Savak: The Medallion - Part Three
by zephandolf
Description: "This?" Savak asked. "It…it was Murgoh's. He was my pack's leader."

Week - 167

Savak: The Medallion - Part Four
by zephandolf
Description: "Red Lupe?" Savak asked. "I…I thought he was white."

Week - 168

Savak: The Medallion - Part Five
by zephandolf
Description: "Shimmy up the pipe?" Lukas asked. "What would that…Oh, to get to that vent, you mean? I could try."

Week - 169

Savak: The Medallion - Part Six
by zephandolf
Description: As he spoke, the two Grundos left the office and started walking across the factory. Behind them walked a tall gray-green figure in a long, black cloak

Week - 170

Savak: The Medallion - Part Seven
by zephandolf
Description: Savak looked up in surprise as his mother padded over from the other side of the cage. When she came to stand next to Murgoh, she looked up, and went stiff with shock.

Week - 171

Savak: The Medallion - Part Eight
by zephandolf
Description: "Lukas, wait!" Savak cried, hoisting himself up on three legs. "That Lupe is being controlled, like the others were!"

Week - 176

Savak: The Search - Part One
by zephandolf
Description: "I need to speak to a light faerie named Jearii," Savak blurted out. "Can you contact her for me?"

Week - 177

Savak: The Search - Part Two
by zephandolf
Description: "Is there a map nearby?" he asked. "I would like to plan our…'stay' here."

Week - 178

Savak: The Search - Part Three
by zephandolf
Description: "Kosek!" Savak called. When Kosek reached him, Savak prodded where he found the scent. "A Lupe has been by here. Whoever it was, it went that way."

Week - 179

Savak: The Search - Part Four
by zephandolf
Description: Savak sat down next to her, looking out along the jungle. Though he couldn't see the sun, he could tell that night was drawing close.

Week - 180

Savak: The Search - Part Five
by zephandolf
Description: Savak perched himself on a boulder, looking over all the brush and ferns that lined the bottom of the ravine. What he saw made him smile.

Week - 181

Savak: The Search - Part Six
by zephandolf
Description: "Alright," he said. "You said you know what this is all about. Explain this to me."

Week - 182

Savak: The Search - Part Seven
by zephandolf
Description: Everyone turned in the direction of the voice, and Savak's ears twitched nervously as he realized who it was.

Week - 183

Savak: The Search - Part Eight
by zephandolf
Description: "I don't like either choice, but this isn't a decision I can make. What do you want to do, Jessie?"

Week - 188

Savak: The Redemption - Part One
by zephandolf
Description: "We were having some territorial trouble with a neighboring pack. Fortunately, we have it resolved now. I hope," he added silently to himself.

Week - 189

Savak: The Redemption - Part Two
by zephandolf
Description: Savak relaxed slightly as his pelt absorbed the warmth of the noonday sun. His thoughts drifted from Jessie to the medallion around his neck. He pawed at it as he thought of how much trouble he’d gotten into since he put it on....

Week - 190

Savak: The Redemption - Part Three
by zephandolf
Description: “Savak,” Jearii said. “I would like you to meet the creator of the Medallion of Submission, the dark faerie, Velora.”

Week - 191

Savak: The Redemption - Part Four
by zephandolf
Description: When Savak saw this Grundo, he couldn’t help but find him almost adorable. The only Grundos he had ever seen were the big green brutes like the ones loading the ship now...

Week - 192

Savak: The Redemption - Part Five
by zephandolf
Description: “What do you want?” Heysha demanded. “Why am I here? I haven’t done anything wrong!” The Lupess performed well. She had been rehearsing silently since she stuffed Savak in the locker.

Week - 193

Savak: The Redemption - Part Six
by zephandolf
Description: The Lupes didn’t have to go far before they found the duct that the voice came from. They hesitated briefly when the vent creaked under their weight...

Week - 194

Savak: The Redemption - Part Seven
by zephandolf
Description: “Savak,” Kaylee said softly. “I…I’ve wondered, ever since I saw my daughter on Mystery island…how long have you cared for her?”

Week - 195

Savak: The Redemption - Part Eight
by zephandolf
Description: “Lupes on the plains follow a single leader as we do, your Highness,” Jearii said. “It’s only natural that he would show you the same respect that he would give his pack leader, if he didn’t hold that title himself.”

Week - 202

Last Minute Shopper
by zephandolf
Description: Sheliander and I both agree that the ones that come at closing are usually the worst...

Week - 216

Murgoh: Part One
by zephandolf
Description: Murgoh stopped scratching at his ear when he heard pawsteps coming from the cavern. Two Lupes stepped out...

Week - 217

Murgoh: Part Two
by zephandolf
Description: As soon as Murgoh spotted the den, his spirits lifted a bit. He was nearly home...

Week - 218

Murgoh: Part Three
by zephandolf
Description: Murgoh's attack threw the Kougra off balance, making him completely open to an attack from the white Lupess, who rammed into the Kougra hard enough to knock him off his feet...

Week - 219

Murgoh: Part Four
by zephandolf
Description: Finally, he opened his eyes. The image was an orange blur at first, but it cleared quickly, and he saw a small fire, burning happily with a fresh pile of sticks. Looking around he realized that he was in a cavern of some sort...

Week - 220

Murgoh: Part Five
by zephandolf
Description: One day, almost two weeks after his arrival, Murgoh mustered the strength to leave the cave. Limping slightly, he padded around the fire and into the passage...

Week - 221

Murgoh: Part Six
by zephandolf
Description: In anticipation of the moment, he stayed out all night on the lookout post outside the cove, looking out across the plains expectantly...

Week - 222

Murgoh: Part Seven
by zephandolf
Description: "A crazed Lupe had gathered together a massive army with the intent of taking over the plains. He attacked many packs, gathering strength as he marched east from the Haunted Woods. In time, our pack was assaulted, and many of us scattered..."

Week - 223

Murgoh: Part Eight
by zephandolf
Description: Nomad gave his grandson a surprised look. "Dying?" he asked, as if shocked at such a notion. "Who said I was dying?"

Week - 224

Murgoh: Part Nine
by zephandolf
Description: Another grim silence fell over the pack. It all seemed so hopeless. It seemed that, if they were to survive at all, they had to leave the plains...

Week - 225

Murgoh: Part Ten
by zephandolf
Description: Orthas hesitated. "But…what if something's happened to her? What if Kelthar's Lupes…" He cut himself short, as if afraid of the idea...

Week - 226

Murgoh: Part Eleven
by zephandolf
Description: "They are coming," Savak said as the howl faded. "Right about when I thought he would. But…I would have expected a stealth raid."

Week - 227

Murgoh: Part Twelve
by zephandolf
Description: "Hang on, Melissa," he said. "I'm going to try and pull you up."

Week - 244

A Word on Description
by zephandolf
Description: I'm sure that there are a number of writers out there who are trying to figure out how to approach writing a story. Truth be told, there are many good approaches, and any one of them could lead to a good story...

Week - 282

Spheres of Influence: Part One
by zephandolf
Description: Even as he watched, the second Chia disappeared from sight. "Well, this is irregular," Drake muttered to himself...

Week - 283

Spheres of Influence: Part Two
by zephandolf
Description: Suddenly, a streak of white fur shot past the Tyrannian Kougra. Before he could see what it was, he saw the creature running down the street toward Cole and Robin...

Week - 284

Spheres of Influence: Part Three
by zephandolf
Description: "He went down there alone?" she asked. "Doesn't he know anything about caves? He's never been here before. He could get lost down there..."

Week - 285

Spheres of Influence: Part Four
by zephandolf
Description: Naia explained in simple terms how Neopians everywhere were disappearing, and that where they vanished there was a strange scent. She said nothing about the grey Kougra. She didn't think it would do any good, really...

Week - 286

Spheres of Influence: Part Five
by zephandolf
Description: "I noticed you were talking with Drake when I entered the living room this evening," Illa said. "You wanted to know about Drake, and why he is as he is?"

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