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Week - 202

A Late April Fools Cartoon
by crow213
Description: I've got my eyes peeled...

Week - 203

by crow213
Description: Guess what I bought!!

Week - 204

by crow213
Description: No, it's perfectly safe, really...

Week - 206

Kawaii - Dice a Roo
by crow213
Description: And I actually won something!

Week - 207

Kawaii - Something has Happened!
by crow213
Description: Ouch.

Week - 220

Kawaii - Dinnertime
by crow213
Description: You're going to make dinner?

Week - 229

Kawaii - Meepits
by crow213
Description: Awwwww....

Week - 234

Kawaii - Thanks For the Warning
by crow213
Description: It must be my lucky day.

Also by neo_amy

Week - 237

Kawaii - Happy Birthday!
by crow213
Description: OMIGOSH!!

Also by pb_lover242

Week - 240

Kawaii - New Toy
by crow213
Description: All my friends will be jealous!

Week - 243

Kawaii - Cuteness
by crow213
Description: Celoroin has a new petpet!

Week - 245

Kawaii - The Altador Cup
by crow213
Description: Well, now that you put it that way...

Week - 246

Bananas' Chibi Army
by rainbow_crystal_ice
Description: I guess buying food is out of the question...

Art by crow213

Week - 247

Kawaii - Dice-a-roo 2
by crow213
Description: Must resist!

Week - 248

Kawaii - A Walk in the Park
by crow213
Description: Stupid banana peel...

Week - 253

Kawaii - Narcissism
by crow213
Description: ...Duh.

Week - 257

Kawaii - Snakes
by crow213
Description: Owchies...

Week - 273

Kawaii - Fishing
by crow213
Description: Justice: Naomiel's style

Week - 275

Kawaii - Happiness
by crow213
Description: It could also buy you a comic with backgrounds!...

Week - 276

Kawaii - Meridell
by crow213
Description: On second thought...

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