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Week - 206

When the Ghosts Come Out: Part One
by lavendergoddess79
Description: "Dear Princess, as you are my sister's only pet, I am sorry that I have never gotten to meet you. But Nicole has told me so much about you that I feel like I know you already..."

Week - 207

When the Ghosts Come Out: Part Two
by lavendergoddess79
Description: Princess was a little frightened of the Haunted Woods, but it seemed much safer now that there were pets with her that knew their way around this place...

Week - 208

When the Ghosts Come Out: Part Three
by lavendergoddess79
Description: As she heard a roar of thunder, a bolt of lightning flashed in front of Princess. In that brief second that the lightning bolt illuminated the woods, Princess found that Devil, Angel, and Red were nowhere in sight...

Week - 209

When the Ghosts Come Out: Part Four
by lavendergoddess79
Description: Princess couldn't even remember how many people she had met. She had had a great visit so far...

Week - 210

When the Ghosts Come out: Part Five
by lavendergoddess79
Description: She closed the door behind her and sat down on her bed. Good - now she had some space to think...

Week - 216

Stories in the Storm
by lavendergoddess79
Description: The island Kacheek walked quickly, wanting to get home before it rained, which might happen any minute...

Week - 221

Because It's Christmas, After All
by lavendergoddess79
Description: I used to live with my owner, Makayla. She was the nicest owner ever. She painted me cloud and groomed my fur daily...

Week - 226

Faerie Forest: Part One
by lavendergoddess79
Description: On this particular day, there was only one neopet in the clearing- a spotted Cybunny who was dancing around happily as she picked flowers...

Week - 227

Faerie Forest: Part Two
by lavendergoddess79
Description: The Cybunny kept running, but it was no use. She didn't seem to be going anywhere...

Week - 228

Faerie Forest: Part Three
by lavendergoddess79
Description: "Ila wants to use your powers for her evil purposes, but you can decide what you want to do for yourself. I know you'll make the right choice, Tammy."

Week - 229

Because It's Christmas, After All II
by lavendergoddess79
Description: Makayla closed her eyes, trying to think. She wished she had done something the day she found that letter. She should have run into the crowds in the streets and looked for Laila. But no, she had simply returned to her neohome to celebrate Christmas with her three Shoyrus...

Week - 239

Hidden in the Darkness
by lavendergoddess79
Description: At first, I see no one, but then I notice the dark corner up ahead of me where two buildings meet. Standing there is a shadow Lupe...

Week - 252

In the Nightmares: Part One
by lavendergoddess79
Description: "Who are you?" she asked. She wasn't afraid of whoever it was behind her, just curious...

Week - 253

In the Nightmares: Part Two
by lavendergoddess79
Description: "The real reason for this, the one I wanted to talk to you about, is that I think the thing that's most important for us to do now is to figure out what your dreams mean..."

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