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Week - 218

The Loyal Bank Skeith
by literalluau
Description: For most of us, he's just another green face in the crowd. We take him for granted, never realizing how much he means to our lives and our bank accounts.

Week - 224

The Blus
by literalluau
Description: Most of us have heard of Roo Island, the happy little spot where everyone is bouncing and smiling all day long. Sounds like a great place, doesn't it? But what shadows and secrets lurk behind every smile?

Week - 230

Roomful of Jelly
by literalluau
Description: Are you more of a marble person or a white chocolate person? Do you prefer jelly to asparagus? Sand to brick? A neohome should reflect who you are.

Week - 234

Plushie Eaters: Part One
by literalluau
Description: "I saw one eat a plushie the other day!" Penelope wailed, the tears finally coming as she remembered the swift motion...

Week - 235

Plushie Eaters: Part Two
by literalluau
Description: "I only need it for a little bit. I'll bring it right back down." Grabbing the tape from her pocket, Penelope scurried...

Week - 236

Plushie Eaters: Part Three
by literalluau
Description: "Strawberry nova waffles?!" squealed Penelope, sliding into her chair...

Week - 240

A Weak Heart: Part One
by literalluau
Description: His bed was unmade, unusual for him. But he often disappeared for a midnight fly around the village...

Week - 241

A Weak Heart: Part Two
by literalluau
Description: She thought for a minute, chewing on her lip and wringing her hands. "The bedroom!" she cried suddenly, racing past me into the small room my brother and I shared...

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