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Week - 168

The Snood Squad
by cheopspyramid
Description: Always poking in others' business and constantly trying to find something wrong with anything that someone was doing. This got them into deep trouble that day. Never should they have messed with Byron the bossy Blumaroo.

Week - 169

Just One Wish
by cheopspyramid
Description: "My name is Eithne. You shouldn't be so heartbroken on such a lovely day. Do you want to explain what's wrong?"

Week - 175

The Saga of Two Pirates
by cheopspyramid
Description: Wendy pouted and turned away. Nevertheless, escape was useless due to the fact that they were bound tightly next to each other inside a boat that could barely fit a loaf of bread....

Week - 177

by cheopspyramid
Description: The final Zafaras left the feature in the sky, and doors could be heard clicking into their locks as they isolated themselves from the rest. For there was one thing that the town had a problem with: unity.

Week - 199

Pirate Cave Making 101
by cheopspyramid
Description: Once you’ve figured out the entire game, you might as well get started on making your own level! On the game page, you may notice that there are a few links at the top...

Week - 237

Tropical Tragedy: Search for the Jungly Jem - Part One
by cheopspyramid
Description: You are forewarned about the mysteries and secrets withheld in the words that I write, and any questions remaining will be left unanswered for all time. The islanders have pleaded with me not to reveal too much...

Week - 238

Tropical Tragedy: Search for the Jungly Jem: Part Two
by cheopspyramid
Description: As we approached the bamboo door, it sprung open magically. To me, it was scary. Doors aren’t supposed to shoot open without anyone pushing it...

Week - 239

Tropical Tragedy: Search for the Jungly Jem - Part Three
by cheopspyramid
Description: "Are you okay?" Ailis asked. "You took quite a trip through the tunnel..."

Week - 240

Tropical Tragedy: Search for the Jungly Jem - Part Four
by cheopspyramid
Description: "If we go back and are captured, then the looters will be able to find the Jem with ease..."

Week - 241

Tropical Tragedy: Search for the Jungly Jem - Part Five
by cheopspyramid
Description: I glanced to the right of the crowd to see a lonely Maraquan Kyrii sulking in a seaweed bed...

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