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Week - 211

A Royal Quest: Part One
by poopdoo134
Description: The sky was blue and cloudless, the air was hot and humid, and Fighter was no more than three days old. His owner had abandoned him...

Week - 212

A Royal Quest: Part Two
by poopdoo134
Description: "Hey, look," said Fighter. "I see the faeries landing. They are early; we won't be under Faerieland for about twenty more minutes.... Those aren't faeries there..."

Week - 238

The Day The Plushies Took Over!: Part One
by poopdoo134
Description: "This can't be. Where is everything? Why is it all plushie? What's wrong!"

Week - 239

The Day The Plushies Took Over!: Part Two
by poopdoo134
Description: "This is an outrage. No one sells me! I am in this gallery and I am in it for a reason."

Week - 240

The Day The Plushies Took Over!: Part Three
by poopdoo134
Description: When they got to the top, they found a big throne and although it looked empty, at the very bottom sat a plushie Meepit...

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