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Week - 179

Burn Baby, Burn!
by leedom111
Description: What NOT to do with your petpetpets...

Week - 181

Neopian Neophyte
by leedom111
Description: You'd look like that if you thought about math all day too!

Week - 188

Neopian Neophyte
by leedom111
Description: How to insult Scarblade...

Week - 192

Neopian Neophyte
by leedom111
Description: But how much does it cost?

Week - 198

Neopian Neophyte
by leedom111
Description: You don't have to be a good battler to make a big deal out of it...

Week - 200

Neopian Neophyte
by leedom111
Description: You give a new meaning to the term "teacher's pet"...

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