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Week - 159

My Boring Petpet
by jerk_head
Description: So boring...

Week - 160

by jerk_head
Description: "The New Toaster"

Week - 161

Rocko's Petpet Life
by jerk_head
Description: The most boring Petpet.

Week - 162

Lunaticity #2
by jerk_head
Description: Not to be taken literally...

Week - 167

Rational Lunacy: Bothering the Pant Devil
by tambourine_chimp

Week - 169

Afterschool Horrors - Part 7
by articuno_neo
Description: P-Pizza?

Week - 178

The Meaning of a Neopian Life
by jerk_head
Description: "Inflation"

Art by silverqueengalaxia

Week - 184

Truth in Games
by jerk_head
Description: Go get the peanut!

Art by lucheek

Week - 186

Lunaticity #3
by jerk_head
Description: How long does food last in Neopia?

Week - 186

The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny Blindfold Mowing
by immortalmina
Description: Sorry, didn't see you.

Drawn by jerk_head

Week - 187

Lunaticity #4
by jerk_head
Description: It's an earthquake!

Animated by cherv1

Week - 195

The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny
by immortalmina
Description: "Are You Sure?"

Art by jerk_head

Week - 197

Worse Than You #4
by sirussblack
Description: Which side are you on?

Art by jerk_head

Week - 200

Tour at the Citadel
by jerk_head
Description: Right then, moving on.

Art by sillygirl_543

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