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Week - 158

A Mind in the Moonlight: Part Two
by costa_rican_girl
Description: "During the daytime you'll need to go to the Defenders of Neopia headquarters and sneak around a bit. Gather information, and take special notes about any names that come up. Got it?"

Week - 159

A Mind in the Moonlight: Part Three
by costa_rican_girl
Description: “What? No! What happened to my charm? Charms don’t just disappear on their own! Who’s in here!?” Clark whirled around, trying to find someone, anyone who might be a suspect.

Week - 187

The Botanist's Alphabet
by costa_rican_girl
Description: Have you ever visited your Aunt Margarie's house? If so, did you ever go out to the backyard to have a picnic? If so, was your mind boggled by all the strange-looking foliage surrounding you?

Also by 0523ck

Week - 188

Gallery of Evil: Vira
by costa_rican_girl
Description: The faerie Acara’s name was Vira, and she was perhaps one of the most beautiful Acaras in Neopia, or at least that was how she put it...

Also by jelli_belli8

Week - 192

The Basics of Grooming Your Petpet
by costa_rican_girl
Description: Is bath time a hassle, or just not fun? Not anymore! With this detailed guide, you’ll be an expert Petpet-washer in no time!

Also by jelli_belli8

Week - 200

Rusty Zafara
by costa_rican_girl
Description: A little maintenance never hurt...

Art by scarletrhapsody

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