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Week - 160

Darkness Binding 2: Part Four
by nomad2
Description: "What happened, forgot your sunblock? We were expecting you to come earlier in the day."

Week - 164

Rage Alone II: Solitary Retribution - Part One
by nomad2
Description: "Show yourself, Kacheek! If it's me you want, I'm right here. I'm more than ready for a rematch."

Week - 165

Rage Alone II: Solitary Retribution - Part Two
by nomad2
Description: "Well I hope he gets well soon. What's wrong with him, is he coming down with something? We told him not to eat those omelets when they're not looking right."

Week - 166

Rage Alone II: Solitary Retribution - Part Three
by nomad2
Description: A pile of boulders, both big and small, spread out over the side of the mountain. He remembered it being smooth mountains, but he never did know how large of an explosion Fethva made. He was surprised he survived it if it did all of this.

Week - 168

Darkness Binding 3: Part One
by nomad2
Description: "No, they are not ready. They know too little about it. We should call upon the one who is already involved in it. It is our only hope."

Week - 169

Darkness Binding 3: Part Two
by nomad2
Description: "How long were we traveling? I thought the sun had plenty of time to be out."

Week - 170

Darkness Binding 3: Part Three
by nomad2
Description: Darkness was in every direction, and to Cray's black eyes, there were others swimming around in the void. Long serpents without defining features, yet seemed unique in their own way.

Week - 171

Darkness Binding 3: Part Four
by nomad2
Description: "We are imprisoned in our own lands. A land of wondrous sights and sounds rests just beyond the boundaries of our universe, and we can pass into it..."

Week - 173

Darkness Binding 4: Part One
by nomad2
Description: "Darkness only lies in my nightmares, even when I am awake. I am here on a more serious matter."

Week - 174

Darkness Binding 4: Part Two
by nomad2
Description: Fyora was left speechless for a moment. Her eyes opened wide and she slowly said, "Those... are some rather serious accusations. Is there proof of this?"

Week - 175

Darkness Binding 4: Part Three
by nomad2
Description: "Even if they continue to think we aren't suitable, there is no other way to have our jobs done. I am sure they will see that."

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