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Week - 844

Magic and Mahem- Dice-a-Roo
by skittleskit09
Description: Say that again and look me in the face.

Week - 846

Magic and Mahem- Avatars
by skittleskit09
Description: Based on a true story.

Week - 847

Zur’s Zombie Roommate
by skittleskit09
Description: Rain was pouring and wind was blowing. Cracks of thunder blasted across the house every other second. The Lost Desert had not seen this kind of storm, in a while.

Week - 848

Zur’s Zombie Roomate:Part Two
by skittleskit09
Description: “He doesn’t fit!”

“Push harder!”


Week - 849

Zur’s Zombie Roomate:Part Three
by skittleskit09
Description: Noon eventually turned to evening, and the time for Ex’s dinner party had arrived.

Week - 850

Zur’s Zombie Roomate:Part Four
by skittleskit09

Week - 1002

Salem of the Sway
by skittleskit09
Description: “No, this won’t work. This is even worse! No, no! It’s all wrong!" Professor Lambert crumpled up the piece of paper on his desk before tossing it behind him and barely missing the trash bin.

Week - 1003

Salem of the Sway
by skittleskit09
Description: "Morning soon arrived, and I was heading towards the Brightvale Bookstore. During Professor Lambert’s quest for knowledge the previous night, he..."

Week - 1004

Salem of the Sway
by skittleskit09
Description: "Once morning arrived, the journey began. We made sure to pack all of the essentials that we felt we would, as well as dress with full coverage to protect us from Moltara’s heat..."

Week - 1005

Salem of the Sway
by skittleskit09
Description: "I was thankful for my speed as I crouched and ran on all fours through the maze of corridors that lay before me, but it was only just quick enough. At every corner I could hear..."

Week - 1006

Salem of the Sway
by skittleskit09
Description: Those miscreants that failed to keep your apprentice in line will be dealt with accordingly. That’s for sure.

Week - 1007

Salem of the Sway
by skittleskit09
Description: I followed closely behind Bee as she led me through the mansion. Both of our hoods were pulled up to shroud our faces in darkness and mystery. With the presence of..."

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