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Week - 587

When the Obelisk Appeared...
by nj_kitty_1
Description: So amazing...

Written by pikachu315111

Week - 593

When the Obelisk Appeared... II
by nj_kitty_1
Description: Anything?

Written by pikachu315111

Week - 632

6th Annual Neopies Acceptance Speeches
by pikachu315111
Description: The 6th Annual Neopies have recently ended and all the voted winners have gotten their Neopies. It's time to go to each one and hear their acceptance speech...

Week - 634

Villains' Favorite Heroes
by pikachu315111
Description: Here are villains to talk about their favorite heroes...

Week - 636

What Do Faeries Do With Quest Items?
by pikachu315111
Description: Is there more being done with the items than is being let on?

Week - 642

Old Prizes That Need To Be Rereleased
by pikachu315111
Description: It's too bad there's no way for these prize items to be rereleased... or is there?

Week - 646

Altador Cup Team Improvements
by pikachu315111
Description: An Altador Cup team is composed of 5 players, and theoretically those 5 players represent an aspect the world they're playing for...

Week - 648

Rejected Yooyuball Yooyu Colours
by pikachu315111
Description: Some say there's an 11th player who's the most important. This player is the Yooyu itself...

Week - 649

A Look At Altador Cup Team Logos And Colors
by pikachu315111
Description: Have you ever wondered what went into making a team's logo?

Week - 654

Heroes' Thoughts On Villain’s Favorites
by pikachu315111
Description: It's a lot safer to ask a hero for their thoughts on villains than the other way around...

Week - 657

Books To Read Before Visiting Brightvale
by pikachu315111
Description: Show the kingdom of knowledge how knowledgeable you are about their kingdom by reading these books...

Week - 659

The Various Kinds Of Mutant Neopets
by pikachu315111
Description: The various kinds of metamorphosis a Mutant Neopet can go through...

Week - 660

Character Introductions: Madam Salt & Baron Goldnose
by pikachu315111
Description: This time I'm interviewing the characters from the newest game on the site, Coal War Tactics: the mining business rivals Madam Salt & Baron Goldnose.

Week - 662

What’s Being Brought To The Annual Chocolate Ball
by pikachu315111
Description: The Chocolate Factory Kiko has decided the theme of this Annual Chocolate Ball would be an international one and has asked all of Neopia's food shop owners to bring their own chocolate dishes!

Week - 664

Character Introductions: Elvin
by pikachu315111
Description: I'm interviewing the host from the newest daily in Kiko Lake, Kiko Pop: Elvin.

Week - 667

Paint Brush Neopets Halloween Costumes
by pikachu315111
Description: Why go through the hassle of getting the supplies and trying to create a costume that looks like them when you can just use a Paint Brush, Lab Ray, or Rainbow Fountain on the right species!

Week - 668

Alumni of Brightvale University
by pikachu315111
Description: Here are a few of Brightvale University's most famous alumni, graduates who have gone on to do many great things.

Week - 669

Places To Visit On Neopets' Birthday!
by pikachu315111
Description: It's Neopets' Birthday and all of Neopia is celebrating!

Week - 670

Species Introductions: Vandagyre
by pikachu315111
Description: This time we're focusing on the new species that's best described as being what would happen if you fed an Oukin some fungus from the Fungus Caves, the Vandagyre.

Week - 671

Character Re-Introductions: Professor Clodbottle
by pikachu315111
Description: This time I'm interviewing the Kougra Petpetpet expert who had recently finished with his experiment, the Habitarium: Professor Milton Clodbottle.

Week - 672

How Donny Fixes Toys
by pikachu315111
Description: I decided to ask Donny about his toy repairing skills and how he's able to repair certain types of toys and a few special ones.

Week - 673

Making The Perfect Cup Of Hot Borovan
by pikachu315111
Description: At best you may know it's a drink which involves hot chocolate and asparagus, but how does one make it?

Week - 674

Most Unique Christmas Neopets
by pikachu315111
Description: If there's one Colour that's filled with holiday cheer it would be the Christmas Paint Brush.

Week - 675

Darigan Toys Non-Darigans Should Be Wary Of
by pikachu315111
Description: Darigan Citadel's main and only export is toys. But get those cuddly plushies and bright colors out of your mind, because Darigan Toys are still made with a Darigan demographic in mind.

Week - 676

Zylphia's Twisted History Experience
by pikachu315111
Description: I sent her a request for an interview about the Twisted Histories and she had agreed to it!

Week - 677

Character Introductions: Granny Hopbobbin
by pikachu315111
Description: This time I'm interviewing the host of the Y16 Month of Giving's toy donation event, Charity Corner: Granny Hopbobbin.

Week - 678

Jhudora Reviews Illusen’s Glade Rewards
by pikachu315111
Description: What are Jhudora's opinions on Illusen's quests, specifically on the rewards that she gives?

Week - 680

Famous Neopian Couples Valentine's Day Plans
by pikachu315111
Description: I went around Neopia to ask these famous couples what their plans are (they were asked separately, of course, as not to spoil their plans for their significant other)...

Week - 699

Altador Cup Players’ Favorite Gormball Player
by pikachu315111
Description: Before Yooyuball and the Altador Cup there was Gormball and The Annual Gormball Championships! Though a Virtupets Space Station sport, many Altador Cup players would say that one of their inspirations was Gormball; even the famous Disco Ixi Altador Cup Commentator, Tobias Sigmir, originally wanted to be a Gormball Commentator.

Week - 700

Reading Back: Last 100 Special Issues
by pikachu315111
Description: Happy 700th Anniversary Neopian Times! There have been big changes to Neopets since the last 100th Anniversary Issue so I thought it would be a neat idea to go over some of the special issues that had been released between then and now.

Week - 704

Character Re-Introductions: Zargrold (The COOL)
by pikachu315111
Description: In Character Re-Introductions I interview an already established character who had recently came back to everyone's attention. This time I'm interviewing the Grundo Gormball player that had recently won his second Annual Gormball Championship: Zargrold, also known as Zargrold the COOL.

Week - 705

Trick-or-Treating Of Halloweens Past
by pikachu315111
Description: Last year’s Halloween brought us back to the very basics with Trick-or-Treating. With us cycling back like that I thought it would be a good time to go over past Halloweens’ Trick-or-Treating to see how a simple event evolved over the years.

Week - 707

Neopets’ Birthday Biggest Changes
by pikachu315111
Description: Neopets’ Birthday is maybe a big time for the site but it doesn’t usually bring out many big changes. Plenty of new items and even Neopet Colours are released but nothing that affects the mass majority of Neopets players. However that doesn’t mean some big changes haven’t occurred on Neopets’ Birthday and while they usually are just restricted to during Neopets’ Birthday sometimes they’re permanent features all year around.

Week - 709

Unordinary Holiday Colours
by pikachu315111
Description: It’s the Month of Celebrating and all over Neopia (especially in Terror Mountain) Neopets are being painted Christmas and Snow while others are hoping to be zapped Ice by the Lab Ray. But what if your Neopets aren’t the type who wants to be festive 24/7 or can be easily melted at room temperature? You still want them to be painted for the upcoming holidays but the immediate choices aren’t your style. With so many Colours available there must be one that will help you celebrate the holidays while also fitting to your Neopet’s personal tastes.

Week - 712

Last Year Advent Calendar Interviews
by pikachu315111
Description: Everyone’s favorite Month of Giving activity, the Advent Calendar, is well known for more than just a month worth of free gifts. Every day we’re presented with a new holiday animation ranging from comedic to heartwarming. However, while the animations tell a self contained story, sometimes don’t you wonder what led up to or happened after the animation? I decided for some of them to find out, so I went around to many famous Neopets characters.

Week - 714

Character(s) Re-Introductions: Taelia & Ember
by pikachu315111
Description: This time I’m actually interviewing two characters, the two Faerie hosts of Games Master Challenge Y17: Team Fire leader, Ember the Fire Faerie Gormball player, and Team Snow leader, Taelia the Snow Faerie.

Week - 715

Tour De Neopia: Mystery Edition
by pikachu315111
Description: Neopia is a world filled with many wonders! But with many wonders comes many mysteries, and Neopia is no exception. With there being so many lands, each with their own set of mysteries, I’ll be looking into one of the most well known mystery for each land and see what I can discover about them. There will be answers, intrigue, twists, and certainly more questions created.

Week - 724

Illusen’s Thoughts On Jhudora’s Bluff Rewards
by pikachu315111
Description: I interviewed Jhudora on her day to review the Illusen Glade rewards. With it being Illusion Day I thought it would be only fair to have Illusen do the same with Jhudora Bluff rewards! I asked Illusen and she was quick to agree, seemingly eager in wanting to talk about Jhudora’s rewards.

Week - 726

Wraithland’s Wraith Quests
by pikachu315111
Description: A new and unique world has just been revealed, accessible only be randomly appearing portals: Wraithland! By now I’m sure we all have visited this strange land where the Wraiths live in a kind of paradoxical chaotic harmony with its Neopets civilians; seeing all the lands, daily attractions, shops, games, and hints of an upcoming event.

Week - 727

The Truth Behind the April Fools’ Clubs
by pikachu315111
Description: April Fools’ is a fun time on Neopets with pranks both small to elaborate being pulled throughout the day. This year was no different with the main prank being the “Neopian Net Worth Calculator”, a way to determine our “value” we can then potentially flaunt and, most importantly, join a club with.

Week - 728

Character Re-Introductions: Topsi
by pikachu315111
Description: This time I'm interviewing the Cybunny who’s been the host of the Festival of the Neggs for the past two years now: Topsi.

Week - 738

Isca’s and Caylis’s Horoscope for Year 18
by pikachu315111
Description: Amongst the many beliefs about dreams and nightmares the most common is that they are visions of the future. To most this is a myth, but for two Maraquan Aisha this belief is truth.

Week - 750

NeoBoards, Then and Now; Or How to Use the NeoBoards
by pikachu315111
Description: These past few months the NeoBoards were updated, mainly pertaining to the removal, addition, and changes of the number and topic of boards. Being the NeoBoards is a major feature of Neopets I thought for an anniversary issue we look at the NeoBoards before and after the changes and what type of discussions occur on these boards

Week - 752

Gone Monsters, Where Are They Now?
by pikachu315111
Description: Whether you just heard tales or had your own experience, Neopia has many malicious monsters and grim ghosts hiding around the corner. However we have ways of fighting off the daily terrors such as the Pant Devil or Shadow Usul. But those are evils we know about, what about the ones we don’t?

Week - 755

Places Not to Go Trick-Or-Treating
by pikachu315111
Description: It’s Halloween so that means it’s time for trick-or-treating! But before you do it’s a smart idea to plan your route and know exactly where you’re going ahead of time, that way you don’t get lost and can get the most candy as possible. And also so you know who NOT to go to.

Week - 772

Citizen’s Complaints About Their Rulers & Leaders
by pikachu315111
Description: Most if not all the current rulers and leaders are revered by his or her people. However not everyone may look upon their ruler or leader with high regards. Whether they had been personally wronged, feel they aren’t fit to rule, or just don’t like them, every ruler and leader has a group of citizens who have complaints about them.

Week - 775

Defenders of Neopia: Series 3 - Mission 1 Guide
by pikachu315111
Description: The long awaited Defenders of Neopia: Series 3 has finally arrived (as I’m sure we’re all aware)!

Week - 778

Wish Sticks, Truth or Folklore?
by pikachu315111
Description: What someone considers a lucky charm differs from individual to individual, but there are some items on the site that are specifically said to be lucky. And that brings us today’s topic, if you’ve looked for such lucky items you may have heard or even had these items: Wish Sticks.

Week - 781

Character Re-Introductions: Chadley
by pikachu315111
Description: This time I'm interviewing the Zafara with a dreamy smile and former Game Master who hosted this year’s Daily Dare: Chadrick Woolsworth Tuffington IV, better known as just Chadley.

Week - 794

Neopian Air Travel
by pikachu315111
Description: Luckily, these lands have provided their own way of getting to them, different from one another and providing their own flight experience. So sit down, buckle your fastening device, and if you get easily queasy don’t look down, as we sweep through!

Week - 797

Character Re-Introductions: Chocolate Factory Kiko
by pikachu315111
Description: This time I'm interviewing the mysterious owner of Neopia Central’s Chocolate Factory, producer of most of Neopia’s supply of chocolate, and host of the Annual Chocolate Ball: the Chocolate Factory Kiko.

Week - 798

The Faerie Festival Potluck: Land Quest Edition
by pikachu315111
Description: There are many traditions the Faeries follow for the Faerie Festival, one being the potluck.

Week - 801

Character Introductions: Kaia
by pikachu315111
Description: Ever wanted to know more about Kaia?

Week - 803

Halloween In The Haunted Woods
by pikachu315111
Description: For most of Neopia, Halloween is a fun holiday of trick-or-treating, costume parties, and getting in touch with your scary side. But in the Haunted Woods its Halloween all the time!

Week - 804

Symol Day Colour Guide
by pikachu315111
Description: Which colour should your Symol be?

Week - 819

Famous Reunions During Major Celebrations
by pikachu315111
Description: Neopia has many celebrations all year around. Whether it’s only in one land or for all of Neopia, hundreds if not thousands are participating together in the festivities. However, for some famous Neopians, these celebrations are a bit more special as a reunion between family and friends occurs on that day. These

Week - 837

The Magic Exams Of The Magic Schools
by pikachu315111
Description: In Neopia magic feels as commonplace as water. But don’t be fooled, though the presence of all those Faeries, wizards, and witches would make you think otherwise, the ability to use magic is a rare ability not easily learned let alone to master. It’s for this very reason that schools of magic were formed all around Neopia. However each magic school is not the same (some aren’t even exclusively magic schools), and there’s no better way to explain this than revealing their exam methods. And I’m not talking about written exams as I go over:

The Magic Exams Of The Magic Schools!

Week - 857

Defenders Wanted: Partners And Sidekicks
by pikachu315111
Description: When Neopia is in danger who are you going to call? The Defenders of Neopia of course!

Week - 875

Making A Legend: Turning History Into Folklore
by pikachu315111
Description: Neopia is a world filled with history and stories, new events constantly happening and changing what we knew. These events (many which go by the term “plots” if they’re particularly big in scope) are recorded into the archives of history and remade into legends for the common Neopia to easily remember and re-tell to future generations.

Week - 895

The Neovian Printing Press's Gothic Selection
by pikachu315111
Description: Neovian Gothic. A term that sounds specific but the actual definition is ambiguous.

Week - 896

Who Knows The Next Faerie Queen?
by pikachu315111
Description: NEWS FLASH! Fyora is abdicating! And after checking the dictionary to see what that means, it’s even BIGGER news! Fyora has decided to no longer be the Faerie Queen and queen of Faerieland!

Week - 915

The SF F.O.L.D.E.R.
by pikachu315111

Week - 926

The Art of Battling
by pikachu315111
Description: Performance art takes many shapes and forms, even in ways you wouldn’t think...

Week - 932

Character Re-Introduction(?): Chet Flash
by pikachu315111
Description: Today’s character of interest is the ever enigmatic and elusive Chet Flash!

Week - 940

The Surreal Recipes of the Cooking Pot
by pikachu315111
Description: Get your aprons on and mad scientist goggles fastened as we check:The Surreal Recipes of the Cooking Pot!

Week - 943

Making Your Mutant Neopet Feel At Home
by pikachu315111
Description: Over the years many Mutant-based products have been made to help Mutant Neopets feel more comfortable!

Week - 952

by pikachu315111
Description: Pirate versus Ninja; it’s a popular match-up for a reason...

Week - 957

Every Holiday Day Handy Event Schedule!
by pikachu315111
Description: "A recent Beta conversion of the Neopian calendar had resulted in an error of placing every single official Neopian Holiday onto the same day!"

Week - 965

The Tri-Kingdom Games
by pikachu315111
Description: "Twenty years ago was when the fate of three kingdoms changed. When Lisha and her friends inadvertently travelled back in time and intervened in the first Meridell-Darigan War, it prevented the destruction of those two kingdoms and Meridell’s sister kingdom, Brightvale; the change to history bringing them all forward in time inside a time bubble."

Week - 976

Voyage Into the Maraquan Circle
by pikachu315111
Description: "The world of Neopia is a planet with two frozen poles (the north pole being where Terror Mountain is; the south pole mostly untouched by Neopian society), a giant continent with various climates (where most of the Neopian lands are), and one vast ocean covering the rest of the surface with water and scattered islands."

Week - 980

TITLE: Eight Tips To Know You Haven’t Gone Crazy!!1!
by pikachu315111
Description: "IT’S NOT JUST YOU! The world has become much more stressful."

Week - 990

Spelunking The Southern Connected Underground
by pikachu315111
Description: The world of Neopia has two major continents simply called the Northern Continent and the Southern Continent.

Week - 1005

Unclassified Land Swap Survival Guide
by pikachu315111
Description: "A strange phenomenon has come over all of Neopia! If you tried visiting one of Neopia’s many Lands you may have already encountered it..."

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