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Frequently Asked Questions

Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules FAQ

1) What is Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules?

Following instructions on an ancient Bori scroll, Hannah and Kanrik are working together to solve cryptic clues and find 20 secret Time Capsules that can help unleash the power of the Crystal that will restore balance to Neopia’s core.

2) How long will the event last?

Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules begins on November 11th and will continue till 11:59:59 PM NST on November 15th.

3) How do I participate in the event?

After joining the event, click the scroll on the upper right hand corner of the page to unveil your first clue. Solve the riddle to find the correct location for the Time Capsule and receive your prize, then come back to the hub page to continue until you have located all 20 Time Capsules.

4) I found the Time Capsule, now what?

Once you find a Time Capsule, you will receive a prize in your inventory and you will automatically be brought back to the hub page where you can access your next clue. If you have completed all the available clues for the day, you must wait till the next day for the next clue to appear.

5) What happens if I can’t find the Time Capsules?

Just keep searching! You cannot move forward until you find the Time Capsule related to your clue. And hurry, Neopia’s future is at stake!

6) Are there prizes for participating in this event?

Yes, there are plenty of unique prizes that reflect significant events related to the year of the Time Capsule.

7) Do I have to participate every day?

You know how these things work. You don’t have to, but if you want to make sure you won’t miss out on potential prizes, why risk it?

8) Can I participate from my side accounts?

No, you cannot participate in this event from your side accounts.