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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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6th and 7th April

  • Those Polka-Dot Neggs are all over the place! Don't forget to check back at the Festival of Neggs booth tomorrow for Kari's clue on the remaining Polka-Dot Negg. Once all four have been found, Kari will send you on a quest to find the Striped Neggs next!

    Honest Pete has been gathering up as many decorative neggs as he can find. But that doesn't mean he is done collecting them! If you see any on your hunt, don't forget to stop by for a visit. Pete will be more than willing to take those neggs off of your hands. :)

  • Meet your new friend from the Toy Shop! This fuzzy puppet companion comes to life on your hand. Entertain your Petpet by acting out the story of 'The Sneaky Schnelly', or annoy everyone by making the Schnelly do all the talking wherever you go!

    Just hand over that Crate of Fish and I'll be happy!

  • The next round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin! Head on over and vote for your favourite. You can also take a look at the three winners of the last round! Congratulations to Holcam, Miskeras, and Alueua!

  • Who said only chocolates came from the Chocolate Factory? Try one of two new lollypops that are now available for sale. They either come in strawberry or lemon flavours - and once you reach the center, you will also find a crunchy surprise!

  • The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Keep your eyes open for great stories and adventures like Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Perception and Seems Legit.

  • *Wipes off dirt* Planting Kit #4 - Polka Dot (the final planting kit) has sprouted up at Bloomin' Neggs. Once you have your kit, select the polka dot pot to grow your plant and collect your daily prizes. You might want to hurry, though - we heard that Bloomin' Neggs planting kits will only be available until Tuesday, April 9th. Don't forget to put on your gardening gloves!

5th April

  • The Neopian Health Foods shop has two delicious new items to choose from on their menu!

  • Dana the Royal Quetzal has won the Petpet Spotlight this week!

  • If you are visiting Kiko Lake, finding djlrow2's Neohomes Spotlight winning home will be 'A Shore Thing'!

  • The Poems page has been updated with titles such as 'Thieves Guild Initiate' and 'The Reality Of Battle'!

  • If you like the new health foods above, you may also like the latest items for sale at the Magical Bookshop!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Techo - Darigan Sale Shopkeeper. 4 clever people guessed correctly, earning them 500,000 NP each!

  • There is a brand new page of images up for view at the Art Gallery!

  • It looks like our Blumaroo buddy is packing his bags and rolling out! You can open his Travelling Cases for your last chance at Y13 Blumaroll spring NC items before they are gone for good. Additionally, we hear that each case has a chance of awarding one of three new bonus items. Keep an eye out for five other cases that may also be rolling your way sometime soon. See you at the NC Mall!

4th April

  • The Illustrious Armoury is now offering two new weapons up for sale.

  • This week's Site Spotlight winner is 'Mix & Match', and informative Petpage by kloofe !

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the Tyrannian Snuffly. Well done Snubbles, Ludo, Grrrizzzly, Tiveria, and all the others.

  • The Kreludor Cave Of The Week is 'Try, Try Again!', by neojedi11!

  • Taelia calims to be the best racer in Faerieland and Better Than You! Show off your racing skills and play against her in Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers.

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was 9. 4350 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 920 NP each.

  • The Ombat can now be painted Faerie and Rainbow at the Petpet Puddle.

3rd April

  • Have you found today's negg? All four Swirly Neggs are now available for your collection. Once they are found you will be able to collect your second Festival of Neggs prize! Remember to check back tomorrow for a new clue from Kari so you can start searching for those Polka-Dot Neggs! :)

    If you find any decorative neggs during your search, Honest Pete will be more than happy to get them off of your hands. We heard that he has been giving out rewards for them. What a swell Neopian!

  • Kauvara has something special in store for you at her Magic Shop, especially so if you've always wanted a Maractite Peophin or Hissi! :)

  • The User Lookup of the Week mention goes to stross for their 8-bit lookup. Congratulations!

  • This week we have solyane7's gallery, 'Simply baskets' as the winner of the Gallery Spotlight!

  • For those that are headed to the beaches of Mystery Island, you can head on over to the Tiki Tack shop for these two sand containers!

  • It looks like a special package has arrived in this week's Caption Contest!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Bazatlan. 905 people guessed correctly, earning them 2,210 NP each.

  • The Art Gallery has updated its display with a brand new selection of images for you to admire! :)

  • Looking for that fearsome item that will make Neopians think twice about messing with you? Well with the newest NC Collectible any Neopet will look pretty fierce. Commander Garoo's Collector's Shoulder Armour is the 4th NC Collectible from the Defenders of Neopia Collection and will only be available for the month of April in the NC Mall!

2nd April - Shoyru Day

  • Happy Shoyru Day! Some 8-bit and Dimensional Shoyrus have been seen around Neopia! Is it time for your Shoyru to visit the Rainbow Pool?

  • 'Who Is Honest Pete?', 'Ode To A Magical Blue Shoyru Plushie', and more Shoyru related Poems are up for you to read!

  • Merchandise is Back! - We were contacted by some manufacturers a while ago and we're proud to finally announce this New Neopets Merchandise! Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to purchase our latest line of products in stores across the U.S., Canada, Brazil, the U.K., and directly through our website! We hope you like them!

  • A brand new Story Telling beginning is up. This week's beginning was sent in by dr_tomoe.

    For almost a year now, Neopia has been ruled by Meepits. Those who don't obey are taken to the Meepit Overlord in the Haunted Woods. Most are never heard from again. Those who return are never the same. They are silent and their eyes are as wide as those of the Meepits. They never disobey again.

    There is a glimmer of home, though...

  • The Bakery has added two new Shoyru themed muffins to its selection!

  • This week's Pet Spotlight goes to Jlup the Shoyru!

  • Don't forget to stop by the Art Gallery to admire all the lovely images Shoyru pictures.

  • Congratulations go out to Meztlicoatl and Clover397! Each has proven spiffier than the rest in the Customisation Spotlight. Voting for this week's contest has begun. Good luck to this week's entrants!

  • The Clothing Shop is now offering two new outfits for Shoyrus to choose from.

    Time to bring some sparkles to clothes.

  • TNT is "dynamite". With this new mystery capsule, you'll get NC items that are "explosive". Available for a limited time in the NC Mall before they "blow away". Aren't these puns a "blast"? No, seriously, someone stop us before we hurt ourselves.

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