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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 36 > Editorial


Where are the faerie dolls? How come not one has shown up in the toy shop for anyone to buy?
The Faerie Dolls are sold in the Toy Shop, but they are amazingly rare so hardly anyone has one. (They are as rare as the rarest Gourmet food!)

If you have a transmogrification potion can you use it on any Neopet?
Yes, the potion will turn any Neopet into a mutant version of the species that is mentioned in the name. For example if you give your Lenny a Chia Transmogrification Potion it will turn into a Mutant Chia.

Sometimes when I am on neopets, and I am on a game like the fruit machine, this weird monster comes out of the website. It's kinda weird. Is this done on purpose?
Yes, that is part of a promotion we are doing for the film Lilo and Stitch. Don't worry it will vanish within a few seconds if you don't want to click on it. It did go a bit haywire at first, so you shouldn't notice it as much anymore...

I see that some people have their web sites on, how do they do this?
They use their pet's pages. Every Neopet has its own webpage and each owner can modify it if they wish. To edit your pet's page click on 'Pet Central' in the yellow toolbar, then click on 'Pet's Page' in the top menu bar. There is also a useful HTML guide to help you get started.

How come all I have won on the wheel of excitement is the mystery prize, which is usually less than 50 Neopoints?
I guess you must not be very lucky... people do win the good prizes everyday :)

Why is neopets making a jelly world instead of the futuristic world which is the leading vote?
Its a joke, the new world will be neither a futuristic world or a jelly world, we will reveal more info shortly...

Why wreck the prestige of owning a Krawk by letting anyone morph any pet into a Krawk?
The morphing potions are immensely rare and expensive, plus what happens of Dr Sloth turns your beloved Krawk into a Mutant Chia? You would want at least some hope of being able to change your pet back to its original form.

How many items are there in Neopia?
If you mean how many items (including everything in people's shops, auctions, deposit boxes etc) it amounts to billions. If you mean how many different items there are (e.g green apple, rainbow negg etc) there are approx 3000 that you can get hold of.

How much money do you have to give the Wishing Well to get something?
As much as you can afford to give, the wishing well isn't greedy, but you can't expect to get a Fish Negg for 1NP.

Some people say their shop is a gallery and nothing is for sale. They price everything over 100,000 NP so you can't buy anything is that cheating?
No, if you don't want to sell things in your shop you don't have to. You can use it to show off to your friends how many cool items you have got hold of. There is nothing wrong with that as you aren't actually trying to cheat anybody.

When are we gonna be allowed to swear on the chatboards?
Erm.. NEVER! If you want to be a foul mouthed little so and so, go somewhere else. Neopets is a family orientated site and profanity will never be tolerated.

How does an item become a pile of sludge??
Dr Sloth zaps it with his ray gun at random.

Where do all the broken things (i.e. broken whistle) come from, and why are they so expensive?
If you play with certain toys a lot they can break. This means your toy gets replaced with a broken version of itself. Because this doesn't happen very often and you can't buy broken toys in the main toy shop they are hard to get hold of, hence are expensive.

Does the neopets team have a screen name on AOL Instant Messenger?
No, no member of staff will ever contact you via AIM, MSN Messenger or any other chat program. Anyone who says they are part of the Neopets team will be lying.

How come you put on the 'captions that will never win again' all the funny ones?
Believe me, when you see thousands of 'I see dead *insert random word here*' or 'Wazzzup' they cease to be funny. Use your imagination and think of something that hasn't been done before... also try to make it relevant to the image :)

Is it a scam when people at the trading post say they are giving away their account?
Yup, if they were really leaving why do they want to trade anything? Can't they just let their friends/brother/sister/cousin/neighbour take over the account if they are that worried about their Neopet's welfare? It is a scam, you are not permitted to trade accounts for items, neopoints or anything else.

When you write a story into The Neopian Times, do you have to include things such as < p > for new paragraphs?
No, you do not need to format your story unless you want to. Obviously breaking it into paragraphs makes the story/article easier to read, but you do not need to include any HTML.

If you have dung furniture in your Neohome will your Neopets get ill from all the nasty things that is in the dung?
They shouldn't do, although I can't imagine it being too pleasant for them. I mean, would you like to sit on a pile of poo all day?

I was checking out the new mutant Shoyru and I noticed you can see his other eye!!!!! Do mutant shoyrus have two eyes instead of one?
Well all Shoyrus have two eyes, they are just rather large so in the side view you can only see one of them.

Where is Kauvara's Potion Shop?
Its on the main shops page, it has a sign outside saying 'Magic Shop'.

Will neopets ever make a blue aisha toy?
We already made one. Its on sale in Limited Too now!

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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