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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Hiding, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Continuing Series
Close Enough: Part Three

"We're sorry, Clapera, but we thought that we could find him here..."

by potatorewkiki

Jungle Eyes: Part Two

"What's happening?" she cried with her eyes wide in terror. Never in her life had she felt so dizzy and confused.

by chocolateisamust

The Light Faeries Apprentice: Part Eight

Neofaerie might not make it at all. "How will we get there?" asked NSQ hopelessly.

by neo_star_queen

The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Four

"Our objective is the Array. It's approximately 2 miles away. We need to work fast and move silently. But first, defense. Who here has a weapon?"

by nindail

The Search for Fluffy: Part Two

"The Haunted Woods?" repeated Angel. "I…I don't like it there. It's spooky, and scary and…the very place Sloth would hide!"

by precious_katuch14

The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries: Part Seven

Charlie grinned. "Haven't you forgotten something?"

by erika_idle

The Techo Mountain Excavation: Part Three

"Can't you smell the morning air? Taste the humidity on your lips? Are you looking forward to going up to the dig site?"

by resurrectedwarrior

The Thunderbolts: Part Three

"I hate your selfish attitude. You never gave us snack time, and I'm sick and tired of it. You always work us too hard just so you can get your gig."

by yellowlabs765

Twice in a White Weewoo: Part Two

"What have we got to sell?" Sapphire asked, spooning dough onto a cookie pan. "We've got Neohome furniture that we don't use."

by ridergirl333


The Meerca Chase Craze

We all know of that wonderful game Meerca Chase, and at one point or another, I am sure we have all played it. There is just something about the game. Maybe it is the rush of your fingers tapping on the keys to make that Meerca turn left, right, up, or even down. Maybe it is the constant dodging of those pesky little red neggs that pop up... more>>

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The True Face of a Faerie: Fyora
It was an alluring sight, but it was impossible to forget the emptiness, the barren chill of something that shouldn’t be.

by draconis_minoris

Jack's Redemption
The little Anubis was always doing something to annoy him. He would hop up on Xenon's lap during meals and try to eat some of the food off of his plate...

by 4zure

Whack! The Solution To All Enemies
Evil overlord getting on your nerves? Whack ‘em.

by snowfox176

Urge to Splurge: Resisting INSS
One minute you’re waltzing innocently through Neopia Central...the next, you’re forking over hundreds of Neopoints for some useless item that’s just going to collect dust...

by island_faerie10

Brain Freeze
The_crazy_cartoonist? More like the_lazy_cartoonist!

by the_crazy_cartoonist

The Consequences of Playing Neopets Too Much
Mmm... a tasty Babaa!

by roller_coaster26

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