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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Hiding, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Comics
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I'm not sure that Kacheek should be working in a hospital as much as she should b-- never mind.

by _chazm_

BC Blues

BC stands for Beauty Contest... or Beeyootiful Chombies.

by demented_dreamer

Better and Better

No avatar for you!

by the_babysitters

Brain Freeze

The_crazy_cartoonist? More like the_lazy_cartoonist!

by the_crazy_cartoonist

Disadvantages of Being a Pea Chia

Disadvantages of long titles.

by vitamoo


How... traumatizing.

by patjade

Getting Past The Snowager

How do you get past the Snowager?...

by stoneman3x

In Neopian Style

Lupes are like dandruff: annoying, hard to get rid of, and scalp flakes.

by costellazione

Jacks Pack

No, Shoyru. He can't.

by jackrabbitknight

Life With Snowager

Salutations, Snowager! See? Someone said something!

by moondust_dreams

Makyan & Me

I swear, that big fight cloud just winked....

by cleoannie

My Life With A Teenage Newbie

I speak English! And four different kinds of Maraquan.

by rainbowface94


How are you blinking if both your eyes are wide open?

by meowth4

Neopian Packrat

You can't spell 'wooden blocking shield' without 'ooden blocking shield.'

by _onelastbreath_

OddBalls from the Space Station

I'd call it... never mind.

by krawk_master4689


That's it... POUND TIME.

by come_lil_girl

Pumpkin Parody

It's a parody... of a pumpkin! I think.

by lupesslight

Really Confused

"About Lucky Green Boots"

by stoneman3x

Really Crazy


by sukuyumaruchan

Same Diff

Silly Drugal... you're so Drugalish.

by dburraki

The Artist

Look! The sky is sweating!

by goldchocobo21

The Consequences of Playing Neopets Too Much

Mmm... a tasty Babaa!

by roller_coaster26

The Not So 200 Meter Dash

That Puppyblew looks excited... or stationary. I can't decide.

by lyn_maria

The Pet Patrol Revolution

Just a bunch of random sillyness.

by neo_tomi

The Result of Runaway Greebles

Super jump... of DOOM!!

by indicolite07

Tyrannian Adventures

Sabre-X? More like Sabre-H! For hungry! Get it? Fine, I'll stop.

by kougrawockylupe

[Insert Witty Title Here]

Isnret cmioc dictripeson hree.

by imogenweasley


Stopping Shopping

We’ve all been there (well, most of us anyway). One minute you’re waltzing innocently through Neopia Central...the next, you’re forking over hundreds of Neopoints for some useless item that’s just going to collect dust in your safety deposit box. Then, the next time you swing by Faerieland, you find yourself standing in the middle of the Hidden Tower... more>>

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The True Face of a Faerie: Fyora
It was an alluring sight, but it was impossible to forget the emptiness, the barren chill of something that shouldn’t be.

by draconis_minoris

Jack's Redemption
The little Anubis was always doing something to annoy him. He would hop up on Xenon's lap during meals and try to eat some of the food off of his plate...

by 4zure

Whack! The Solution To All Enemies
Evil overlord getting on your nerves? Whack ‘em.

by snowfox176

Urge to Splurge: Resisting INSS
One minute you’re waltzing innocently through Neopia Central...the next, you’re forking over hundreds of Neopoints for some useless item that’s just going to collect dust...

by island_faerie10

Banny's Story: Part One
"This one is named Banny274_2004," Dr Death said with a tone of boredom, gesturing to Banny's cage. "She has a 'condition', but I'm sure you're just itching to solve it. Being the heroic owner you are."

by joey200010

Maraquan Madness: Part One
With deep set eyes, the Sea Slug glanced upwards and saw the cause of his disturbance. Flowing upon the upper waves of the sea was a boat, which rocked to and fro as the sea pushed it...

by sirussblack

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