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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 140 > Editorial


Can you guys please update the how to draw section for the NEW Lupe? - Lil_canadian_cuty
Sure! This has been added to our to do list.

Do you think that the Neopets staff could put how many times you have played a game right on the front of it's icon, (like when you go to the action game room and you can select "play" or "info") because I hate having to check if I have played a certain game 3 times and then go back and forth in the game room! thanks! - Cobaltdiamond
Its a nice idea, I will check with our programmers to see if this can happen.

Update - yes this shouldn't be a problem, we will try to add this ASAP

I noticed that the war is over and Nothing in Meridell has been rebuilt so far. When do you plan on rebuilding Meridell? - Runer01
We are working on this now. By the time the Editorial goes live, everything in Meridell should be back to normal.

Why did you only make one Neopian Times thst are pets could read - Almastere
Hmm.. good question. I guess we could make every issue available for your Neopet to read, just like a book.

Why does the new wheel take so long!!! It drives me nuts!!! Why! oh why! does it take so long!! - Lortfan05
If it wasn't so monotonous, it wouldn't be the Wheel Of Monotony :)

Can you pleeeeeaaassssssseeeeee increase the number of maximum shares you can buy a day to 2000 or maybe even 3000? Thanks :) - Pokeruby25
It has been a while since we have added anything to the Stock Market, I don't see why not!

Will Kreludor eventually appear on the Neopia map? Like the space station is now? - Vampire_wicca14
Yup, we are doing quite a few map rehauls right now. This week (or very early next) you should see a new improved Space Station and the final Darigan Citadel.

You know how you can haggle at the shops? Well, what if we don't want to haggle? What if were just fine with paying the price that it is? Do you think you can make it an option? - Amie_airie_acie
It is an option, just enter the full price in the haggle screen and you will automatically buy it.

Can you tell us a little more about the new pet besides one is fluffy and cute and the other is not girly at all? ^_^ - Froglion
Well I can answer the question that everyone is dying to hear :) No, this new species WILL NOT be limited edition! That means everyone who can adopt another Neopet will be able to get one.

I thought you added new omelette flavors! I still get the same kind! - Missanonymous
I just double-checked. The new ones are being given out, they are just pretty rare compared to the other flavours.

The Tyrannian golf music is awesome! I'd like to bow down before the one who made the music! And also since we're on the Tyrannian subject UPDATE THE VILLAGE!!! - Frozen20times
Hehe, glad you liked it. Let me guess while we are on the subject of updates what about Neoschools and Maraqua too eh?

Why dont you make a calender so people can see when it is their own pet day. - Ratchitant
There is already a calendar. Click on 'World' and then 'Calendar'.

I just recently received the newest Neopets Mag and I made a subscription for 6 months...(So far just got the Shoyru and Space Faerie Mag) was the magazine I just received considered the March/April issue or Was it the May/June? With the late release I am not for sure. - Ryohokichan
I think I have this right, although it is a little confusing. The one with the Space Faerie is issue 4. That is the April/May issue as far as I am aware. There are another three scheduled for this year. There is issue 5, which is due to be released at the end of June, that is the June/July issue. Issue 6 will be on sale at the end of August (Aug/Sept) and issue 7 should be on sale towards the end of October and that is the Oct/Nov issue. I think...

Why was the Year Six Lupe Gnome given out as a Year 5 prize? - Beast_of_taiwar
It is a Happy New Year Gnome. It was given out to celebrate the beginning of Year 6.

I noticed that there wasn't much information up about "The Three", and I was just wondering if you would perhaps add "The Three" to the Gallery of Evil and/or perhaps add a Neopedia article about them so that everyone can find out more about them, please? Thank you. :) - Ravinmadgal86
Definitely, The Three are very cool! They deserve a lot more info.

Um, the Ruins of Maraqua has just been sitting there for a long time. Are you guys planning something special for it? Or will it sit there and rot for all eternity? - Shadih_temporary
Well there is that strange statue that has been down there for a LONG time... I'm not sure what it is though...

What is your favourite omelette filling and how do you like it served? - Borovan
Cheese, tomato, mushrooms and ham is always delicious, although onions are nice too. As long as it is on a plate and still warm I'm happy :)

How did Darigan lose power if he won the war against Meridell the first time? - Xboxfansdonate
That was explained in our first storyline. Lord Darigan became corrupted by greed and power. He tried to destroy the whole or Meridell and had to be stopped. There is a little more about this in the Gallery of Evil also.

What was the first plotline ever revealed? - Kevin123302500
Ooh wow, now that is going back a bit. It had to be the original Dr Sloth plot although we are a bit embarrassed about it now. Heh, it was in the early staged of Neopets, rest assured, this new Dr Sloth story will be MUCH better :)

Where did the Alien Aisha's come from? - Proud_american_77
No one really knows, they just appeared on day with this strange vending machine.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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