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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 118 > Editorial


How do you get the Neopet Birthday items? Can you just find them or is it a "Random Event?" - Malaissa?
It depends on the item. The cakes are on sale in the bakery, the goodie bags are in the toy shop etc...

Is anyone ever going to win the jackpot on Test Your Strength? If so what are the odds of winning it? - Mikesb105?
We don't know, the game must be rigged or something ;-)

*Stare around* Whoo Did IT! WHO DELETED THE ADVENTURE GENATOR CHAT?!?!?!?! *Points to Adam* I think it was HIM! - Cheezycheddargirl?
Heh, it wasn't deleted, it was just merged into the spotlights chat as it made sense being a very similar contest.

Because Usul Day is the first pet day after you guys made Neopets, does that mean that Usuls were the first pets? - Eminemsgurl1212
No, actually we didnt add the pet days until well into year 2 (that is 2000 by the way).

I live in the UK. When I come on Neopets to check the 'news' page, I only get to see the news from the day before. When there's something special on on one day, I always miss it and find out about it the next day. Can anything be done about this? - Melimelimeli
I am afraid it does take time for us to update the site, there will always be someone in a time zone where they get the news either too late or too early. The good news (for UK residents anyway) is that for part of December we will be updating the site on UK time so around 6pm your time you should get the whole days news.

When will you EVER update the gelert morphing potion because if you use it, your pet will just become the older version of the gelert. - Reokee
The Gelert Morphing potions arent particularly outdated and they will turn your Neopet into the new version. There is only one version of the Gelert and that is the new one.

I started on November when I noticed that on the 14th everyone is supposed to celebrate the birth of the first Chia. But then I noticed at the top that on Feburary 18th it says Chocolate Chia Day. (Chia day.) Does this mean that Chia's get two days just for them? If it does, it is not very fair. - Coollop
Hmm.. maybe I should take that off as I see how it could be confusing. The 14th was the day that Thyassa was created and as far as we can remember he was the first Chia ever to be made. It was added when we were a lot smaller and it seemed to make sense at the time.

How old is Turmaculus? I just wanting to know because I want to see how long it took him to get so big. - Radiantwings
Nobody really knows, he has just always been that big.

In my Neopets Magazine it says Jelly World: Everything you want to know about Jelly World page 80 and there is no page 80! Why is that? - Nightviscyon
It must be a misprint :p

Why don't the limited edition pets say limited underneath them anymore? - Witch_girl30
*someone* changed the page and messed it up. It has been fixed now.

I went to Isetan a couple of days ago and bought a plushie but there was no rare item code sticker on the item. Is it supposed to be like that? - Sitimaryamyusof
Yes, plushies have never had rare item stickers on them. Only the things in sealed packets have (or the rare item cards themselves).

Can there please be an article in the Neopedia about Twisted Roses. Me and my pets LOVE them, and we don't even know their names! - Yuga_meise
Ok... I'll add it to the to do list, it is rather long mind.

When does the Cove restock? You can tell me, I wont tell! :) - Xtra_specail_peanuts
Very rarely, although I will do my best to make it get a little surprise very soon.

Hi, not a question but to answer the person who asked who would stock the TCG in the UK. I got mine at Forbidden Planet:) - Mallanox
Ooh, cool thanks - well there you go :)

How do you get Rainbow Dung? I really need some for my gallery. - Fuzzykitt3n
It is given out from the Berry Picker game, although it is MUCH rarer than normal dung.

I just read the latest editorial and one person said that a lot of people want a Baby Krawk. If you did happen to make Baby Krawk, wouldn't it just look like its petpet form? - cheeser15
Yup, so I don't think it will ever happen.

I know that a lot of people have been saying things about pop ups from other sites and crawlers and such. A helpful tool that I have had on my computer for some time now is Panicware's pop up stopper. It is available at and just search around for the FREE download of this program. It stops unwanted pop ups, and when you do want them, for a neopets game of course, you just hold down the CTRL button. It has been the greatest thing since they started slicing bread! :) - Sevenofnine14
Pop Up Stopper is great, I used to use it too. Now I use the Google Toolbar which is also free and has a few more options, for example you can say accept pop ups from a certain site so you don't have to hold down CTRL.

I was recently at target when I saw a Gelert and Ixi voice activated toy! Are these new or rare, because I have never seen them before? - Gpinger
They are new, but I didn't think they were out at the moment. It seems none of our retailers can keep the boxes closed :)

How often do you go to Singapore? Could you make more American stops like say, MAll OF AMERICA? - Zebra_stripez
Funny you should say that... Even though it is a long way off we are planning a big mall tour in the Summer of 2004. This should cover all the major malls in the USA including Mall of America :)

I really wanna go to the area you are all going to in Singapore. What would there by anyway? - Charmedadoptions
There will be artists drawing personalised pictures for you, I (Donna) will be there to answer questions and there will be a whole load of merchandise on sale including Plushies, voice activated Toys and Plushies, Roll Bags, Notebooks, Stickers, T-shirts and of course, the Neopets Trading Card Game.

I played the "Pirate Cave of Doom" demo and went all the way through and got bunches of points.. will that score be there when the game is released? - _Gothic_pyro_
No, that was just a demo version, we still have to change a few things with the scoring and game play before we release it. The good news is you will be much better at it than someone who didn't play at all.

Is Adam excited about the possibility of an upcoming "Goonies" sequel? - Screamingkoala
Haha.. yes!

I was can Jhudora and Illusen be sisters? Its quite odd.... - Pincessofneverland
Err... They are not in anyway related to each other, they just happen to be two different faeries.

When I went on yesterday (which was the 16th) on the main page it said you might release limited edition neopets. I looked in create a pet today (which is the 17th)and I tried to get a Poogle but I couldn't. Are you gonna release limited edition pets or not? - Gangel841
We released Cybunnies instead, 20,000 of them to be exact. The front page said we MIGHT release SOME limited edition pets and we did.

Will you ever come out with plushies in the real world for famous characters such as Lord Darigan or the Faerie Queen? - Neokeeper283
Porbably not plushies, but we are planning to release our first ever action figures around June 2004. The first six will be - Lord Kass, Grarrl Gladiator, Scorchio Warrior, Illusen, Jeran and the Werelupe King.

I went to a wallmart and the petpet angelpuss for one of the Neopet plushie's looks like its old form explain please because I thought it would look like it's new form. - Gothgal_of_halloween
The voice activated Angelpi were made before we changed the look. This means these voice activated are the last things that will ever be made with that style Angelouss so they are quite special.

The witchy negg was just recently released, around Halloween. I was wondering what it does. Someone told me it paints your pet Halloween, but I think they were lying to me, trying to make me pay more. Can you please help? - Silverstarlune
The Witchy Negg does not turn your Neopet Halloween, it can change your pets gender, turn them into a Lenny, Tuskaninny or Moehog, boost their intelligence, raise their hit points or cure any disease your pet may have.

How do you get the codes for TCG? - Mewtwoo16
They are on little cards inside the TCG booster packs.

What does n/a on games stand for? - Babysweets11
It means not available.

If you unequip a petpet with a petpetpet do they both get returned to your inventory, or do you lose the petpetpet? - Deadly_saiyan
Only the Petpet gets returned to your inventory, you will lose the Petpetpet.

Is the second Neopet mag out yet I live in North America but I only got the first one? - Jordron1993
It is, but it seems to be a little hard to find at the moment. They are currently being shipped to more stores so you should see more of them shortly.

Is there any way I could ba able to change the language of all the pages of neopets? I know it is possible to change it to Chinese and Japanese, but I really want to play neopets in Spanish. - Iceberry5
At the moment the site isn't translated into Spanish, we are still working on that. As soon as you can translate it into Spanish it will appear in the language drop down list in the yellow bar.

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