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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 58 > Editorial


How do I know if my article was published?
Your article will appear in the 'Articles' section of The Neopian Times and you will see a Neopian Times trophy in your cabinet.

If I earn a trophy for a high score in, say... Fetch, do I keep the trophy forever, even if I'm eventually bumped out of first (or second or third) place?
Yes, once you earn a trophy you will always have it. If you earn a higher level of trophy in the same game you will not get two trophies, your third place trophy will just turn into the second place trophy.

Is there a way to raise your petpets level without visiting Turmaculus?
No, Turmaculus is the only way. Beware though, he may well take too much of a liking to your Petpet and find him a tasty snack.

What's the 38,352,293 on the header of The Neopian Times about?
Its the number of people that have read The Neopian Times.

How come every time I look at the Neocam its not moving?
The Neocam doesnt move by itself. It only changes direction when one of us has time to get up and move it. We will try to make it face out into the office rather than at the wall so you should at least see some different people moving around :)

Do Mortogberries really turn into Mortogs?
No, they just happen to bear a rather striking resemblence to them. Wierd isn't it!

Are all the stories in The Neopian Times made up by users, or are some written by Neopets staff??
All the stories, articles, comics and continued stories are submitted by other players. Everything is completely fictional and doesn't really exist in the world of Neopia as such. For stories written by Neopets staff you will have to look in the Neopedia.

When Draik eggs hatch do you get a baby Draik or an adult one?
You will get an adult one that is the same colour as the egg. The baby paint brush is just a paint brush. It doesnt actually make your Neopet younger, it just appears that way.

I am not really a baby Neopet, I just look like one!

Okay, why was the description in Adam's shop "Found to be unsuitable and cleared"? I mean, he IS the co-creator of Neopets, he really shouldn't be saying bad things.
Adam wasn't saying bad things. The reason Adam and other staff members often have wierd things in our accounts is we have to test things. How could we find out if clearing a shop works unless we actually try it out on one of our accounts. Players aren't going to be too happy if the script was slightly wrong and their shop got deleted now are they :)

None of my editorial questions have ever been in The Neopian Times! About how many questions do you get each week?
Ooh... it really depends, in a normal week about 2,000 but if it is a special holiday and people are off school/work I can get a lot more.

Is there really going to be a paint brush for Meridell? If so, what will it look like?
Yes, and we aren't telling. You will just have to wait and see... It's not a farmer or vegetable paint brush before you ask!

Why is it that Adam and Donna hyped up that they were going to be at the release of the plushie sales in the UK and never turn up?
We didn't really hype it up, we just said we would be in the same country at the time. Sadly the launch was delayed so we missed it by about a week but we did keep popping in to our local Claires (yes, Adam went into Claires willingly) to see if there was anything that sneaked onto the shelves beforehand. We may do a big UK launch later on this year or early next year, but we are just talking about it at the moment.

Is it possible to see a list of all the petpets in their various colours?
Yes, go to the Petpet Puddle and click on the bold here at the top of the page. It is at the end of this sentence 'For a list of colour and petpet combinations please click here'.

If I have a Neopet and you change the look of it, will the one I already have change too?
Yes, whenever we update the look of a Neopet it will affect every Neopet of the same colour and species in Neopia. For example if you had a red Aisha it will automatically be the brighter red colour, rather than the old pink version.

The Yellow Peophin has always looked very orange to me. Will it be redrawn to look more yellow? Also, will the various red morphing potions and red plushies that look pink be recoloured to match the new red pets?
Yes, the Peophin will be changed, probably on Monday (sorry I forgot about that one). About the potions and plushies, yes they will be updated also.

Will you ever re-open Maraqua?
Yes, we plan to work on Maraqua eventually although we have plans for Meridell and the Haunted Woods first.

I know we are not supposed to give out passwords, but the Tug of War games asks you for it!
Tug of War asks you for passwords for the different characters. These are passwords you get at the end of each level. They are not anything to do with your account password. Just as a reminder DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE :)

What cat food do you feed your cats? I am trying my cat on different cat foods and I want to know which one your cats like the best
Well Sarah will eat practically anything that is brown and processed. She doesn't like real meat at all. Chani however is a bit fussier and likes Friskies, Whiskas and Eukanuba (as well as the odd bit of chicken or ham).

Are refreshers allowed on Neopets?
No, absolutely not. Anyone found using a refresher or even linking to one will have ALL of their accounts frozen.

I was looking at the Neopian Calender, and I saw that for November 15 it said that Neopets turns 3 years old...then I saw that for December 31/January 1 it said that Neopia enters year 5...How can that be?
Ok, basically they are two different things. November the 15th is the anniversary of when we opened the site up to the public. January 1st is when a new year begins in Neopia. When we originally launched Neopets in November 1999 we made that year 1 in Neopia. Every January 1st a new year begins, so even though the site was only 2 months old in January 2000, it was year 2 in Neopia.

My yellow acara Tasha went to see M*YNCI the other day (she has been many times) and she has been quite taken aback by how fetching the green M*YNCI is. She was asking me his name but I don't know so I was wondering if you could tell me.
I don't know personally, but you can find out more about M*YNCI by reading this Neopedia story about them.

Is Meridell's sky the Jelly world?
Heh... nice try, but no :)

When I typed in stamp on the shop wizard it said, 'Searching for... ARGH!!!! DONNA STAMP'. Why does it say this?
Whenever you search for a word that is in many different items the Shop Wizard will just pick one item containing that word at random to display. As there are many different types of stamps it chose just one to display. If you are looking for a particular type of stamp you will be better off searching for something more specific, such as the name of the stamp.

What's the highest level a pet can get?
There is no limit, you can just keep on going.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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