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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 42 > Editorial


Are there any Pteri collectable cards? I find all sorts of Aisha, Graarl, Lupe, and Grundo cards...but I can never seem to find any Pteri cards.
You can see exactly how many collectable cards there are of any species by checking the spoiler list. Click on 'GAMES' and then 'COLLECTABLE CARDS'. When the collectable cards page loads click on 'SPOILER LIST'. Here you can search by species, or view all the collectable cards in order.

Are Wockys cats or dogs?
Neither, they are Wockys.

When you go to Create a Pet some pets have Limited Edition under them. What does this mean and how can you get one?
This means there are only a few of that Neopet in Neopia, you can't just create one whenever you want. Exactly how you get one depends on the species.

I'm special!

Is it true that some of the creators of Neopets made other online games?
Well Adam did make a MUD called Darkheart years ago, but that was way before Neopets and was text only. It was pretty cool, but it doesn't exist anymore. Apart from that, no Neopets is our one and only :)

I was wondering if Adam prefers white or green asparagus?
Green without a doubt.

I am having problems playing flash games, is there something that you changed?
Yes, several of our flash games have been updated to flash 6. This means they run faster, and are generally better, but unless your computer comes with the newest flash plug in you will need to download the latest version. Its free and will only take a couple of minutes to download.

Is there a Gelert gnome or statue?
No, not yet, but we will be adding new garden ornaments shortly.

I am trying to put together a killer Neogarden. Is there a limit on how much you can put in your Neogarden?
Oops! Good thing you asked that. We had accidentally put a limit on it. It is fixed now and your should be able to fill your Neogarden to your heart's content.

What is the Faerie Queen's name?
Thats an easy one, the Faerie Queen is called Fyora. She even has her own collectable card and features in many Neopedia articles.

Is it true that you are coming to Singapore? Who is coming??? Donna?? Adam?? I cant wait...
Yes, Neopets is coming to Suntec City very shortly. Sadly Donna and Adam won't be there *sniff*. We will be staying home to make sure cool things happen on the site. I know some of our artists will be there giving autographs and doing personal sketches etc. (pssst - it will be the creators of Scorchio, Quiggle, Blumaroo, Tonu, Meerca and Kougra). If you will be in Suntec City next weekend, be sure to say hi.

When you send in something for the Storytelling Competition or the Caption Contest or something like that, do you have to use HTML?
Nope just plain old text is great, we will do the rest for you.

Where can I find Uni Crackers? When I went to the Shop Wizard he couldnt find anything?
Its not Uni Crackers, it is a Uni Cracker. Its not a food, its a toy.

Do you choose who Jacko the painter gives paintbrushes to?
Nope, if Jacko thinks you seem in need of a paintbrush, he will just stop on by.

AHHHHHHHH I'm really mad! I've been playing with the whistle I bought to try and make it break...but it wont! Exactly how many times Do you have to play with the whistle before it decideds to break!??
Wow, you must have a VERY sturdy whistle, Uni broke his after just a few goes. It all depends how well the whistle was built and how rough your Neopet plays. If they are clumsy oafs (like Uni) they will break their toys faster than other pets.

What was the first petpet you drew?
That would be Angelpuss, closely followed by Warf and Buzzer.

Now that you've taken away the "email us" button, I don't know how to email you or where to find those email addresses. Can you either tell me where to find them or tell me where they are?
Well first of all you should try looking in the 'HELP' section for the answer to your question. It is much quicker for you to spend a few minutes looking for your answer than waiting a day or two for an email response. If you honestly have tried there, you will see there is a link at the bottom of everypage that has a link to the 'CONTACT US' page. Here you will find a list of email addresses that can help you.

Will you guys ever go to England or somewhere overseas? Because I live overseas and we don't have a Limited too here and I really want to meet the creators.
He he... Yes, we are both from England (and Wales) orginally so Adam and myself pop back to the UK a couple of times a year. If you see anyone wearing a faded Neopets t-shirt with messy hair its most likely me. (If someone wearing a blue shirt and cream jeans is with me, that would be Adam)

Does a Magical Rainbow Aisha Doll turn your pet into an Aisha? Or does it transform it into a Rainbow Aisha?
Magical plushies always turn your Neopet into a particular colour. In this case, yes a magical rainbow Aisha plushie would turn your Neopet into a rainbow Aisha. A magical blue Aisha plushie would turn your Neopet into a blue Aisha etc.

Would you please add a horse Neopet because they are my favorite animals?
*cough* Peophin *cough* Uni *cough*

Is there any way I can get that hideous petpet from the news on May 28th? It seems oddly familiar...
Ha ha, ha ha... very funny :P

On the Neopian Calendar on Nov. 14 it says 'Celebrate the birth of the first Chia' but Chia Day is on Feb. 18....why does it say that?
Its Thyassa's birthday (from Gormball), Thyassa was the first Chia ever created (a day before Neopets was launched to the public).

Hurrah to me!

Did you really get in the New York times? I wanna read it!
Yes, although it was a while back. The article was pretty good, even if they did get poor Adam's name wrong :) You can most likely find it on their website as they archive stories there.

Why are some of the petpets not listed in the "All Petpets" list?
That only lists the most common ones. You have to find all the super rare ones out for yourself.

At a special request from several players I have been asked to remind everyone out there that there are no secrets to earning masses of Neopoints, or getting an amazingly rare item. Anyone who claims they have a secret way to make you millions etc. is trying to scam you. Do not trust them and report the lying little so and so to

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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