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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 26 > Editorial


I have just noticed that if you are looking through your Safety Deposit Box, for items such as the retired books (Golden Shoyru Book, Locked Book, etc), they won't show up. You still have to type in the older name, why is this?
You need to take your books out of your safety deposit box before their name will be updated. The pictures will change automatically, but the names will not. To fix this, simply take the item out of your safety deposit box and then put it back in again.

I noticed that in people's stories in The Neopian Times, they have pics beside the story's name. Do the authors make the different images and send it with their story, or do you guys make the pics?
It is completely up to the author. If they create a picture and send it in, we will use it. If not, we will create a picture.

At Hubert's Hot Dogs, if you type codestone in the url it shows you a secret code. What does this mean?
This is a clue for a game we did a little while back. It doesn't mean anything now and the code does not earn you any points or reveal anything new.

Will you tell me who is the kitty in the neocam picture? Please tell me! Who owns it??? It is so CUTE!!!?
Ahh that little grey and white blob is one of my kittens :) Her name is Sarah and she has an EXTREMELY loud purr! I bought her into the office one day and showed her the Neocam.

How can Adam get away with having 5 pets, and why are their statistics so high?
Adam doesn't have time to play, he uses his account purely for TESTING purposes. Sadly testing with one level 3 Neopet isn't effective. If he didn't have the things he has on his account you wouldn't have half the games or activities on the site!

I'm glad you featured a Singaporean movie (I not stupid) at last, can we expect more soon?
Yes, quite possible. We are looking for more international sponsors (not just from Singapore).

I have been hearing a whole bunch of rumours that you will get your account frozen if you draw a picture of Neopets, is this true?
No, not at all. For the complete explanation of what is and isn't permitted, check out our terms and conditions.

I was just wondering ... can a Neopet be blessed more than once?
Yes, as long as your Neopet has a high enough level and is lucky enough to see more than one faerie.

When do you think the Neohomes will be mostly finished with all the features you plan to put on it?
I don't want to say a specific date, but they are definitely high up in our todo list. First we have a new pet and a new plot/world. Once that is under way we should be able to get back to Neohomes and gardens.

I am an enthusiastic Kougra owner and I use him for the battledome. You can only buy 3 kougra specific items, when will you be realeasing new battledome items for the Kougra?
We normally release pet specific items on their special day (see the Calendar) but as Kougra day is a couple of months away, we may add some more shortly.

What do you get in return for the Gourmet Club besides a trophy, or is that it? ?
You get worldwide renown (well among Neopets players anyway), you can boast to your friends and your Neopet earns the prestige of officially being a gourmet diner.

How long does it usually take to decide the winner of every Site Spotlight contest? I entered a week ago, but I don't know if my site hasn't been viewed yet, or just didn't win.?
Each entry is checked by hand which can take a lot of time as we do get literally hundreds of entries a day. The best ones are saved for future use. This means there can be a bit of a delay between when you send your entry in and when it appears on the site. It all depends on how many high quality entries we have received before your entry.

Do the serial novels posted in The Neopian Times have to be Neopet related?
Yes, all stories, articles, comics, continued series etc HAVE to be Neopet related in some way.

When I fed three breads to three of my pets, they all became bloated. Is bread supposed to do that?
Have you ever tried eating a whole loaf of bread? You would be pretty stuffed too!

Are you really going to stop services of the bank and affiliates, such as the deposit box?
No we have absolutely no intention of stopping the bank or the safety deposit box. I think someone has been telling you fibs!

Do you think you will ever make Krawks, a Neopet that can just be created?
No, Krawks will always remain extra special rare Neopets.

Can you copy the story from Storytelling Contest and make that your story for Neopian Times?
Erm.. no, I would have thought that was obvious. Taking someone else's work whether it is a story, picture, article, poem etc is stealing!

Who killed King Coltzan?
Wow! You are a little behind the times :) The Usurper Mystery was months ago. I am afraid I can't tell you, work it out for yourself, all the clues are there now.

Why do ya'll have so much stuff for Lupes and about Lupes, but you have very little on gelerts? Thats sooo not fair!
AARGHH! When will you stop saying stuff like this. We are adding items, games, stories and collectable cards for each pet. There are over 40 species, so some will temporarily have a few more things than the others until we get a chance to catch up on all of them. Don't worry Gelerts haven't been neglected, their turn will come. The same goes for Quiggles, Meercas and any other species!

How much asparagus can a person have before they can't eat anymore?
It depends on the indivdual. I would estimate Adam can eat about 2lbs of the stuff before he can't eat anymore!

How come the advent calendar is not working for February...?
The advent calendar is only active during the month of Celebrating (also known as December).

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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