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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 25 > Editorial


Why does the counter for the Golden Dubloon always say there are more than 80 people inside?
The Golden Dubloon can seat 80 people comfortably, but at busy times more than 80 can squeeze inside, although it does get rather cramped.

Are you planning on creating new pets?
Yes, in fact a new one is planned for sometime next week, although shhh... don't tell anybody :)

Can you give me a clue to find out the secret of the Fungus Cave on Krawk Island?
Well, first you need to give your Neopet a Krawk (the petpet), but that is all you are getting. The rest you should figure out yourself.

Can anyone view your pets job resume, or only the owner?
Anyone can see what jobs your Neopet has completed.

What is the use of the Island Mystic? All it does is tell your future and it doesn't even come true??!!!
Well, sometimes it may be true... it's just a bit of fun really, although you never know when a herd of wild monoceri may come trampling by :)

When I first started playing neopets, I collected GOLD cards, but when the change came... some of them were changed to a lower price and colour....Will we be reimbursed for the loss of all the gold cards we paid hard earned neopoints for?
No, you will not. Firstly, we did this months and months ago, and secondly when we changed the rarity we also changed the prices so your cards went from being worth 100 NP to anything up to 100,000! That means you didn't actually lose anything because your previously rare cards were worthless anyway. Now they are more balanced and the rarities match the prices.

Does Neopets have a clock or clock tower, so we know the times?
Not as such, but the time and date is shown in NST (Neopian Standard Time) on the front page, world page and many other areas of the site. If you ever need to know the time, just click on world in the yellow side bar, or go to the Neopets home page.

How long is a normal waiting period before you get the other trophies and prizes, like art gallery or storytelling?
Normally you will get your trophies by the time the next contest goes up. We don't give trophies straight away as sadly there are people that send in other people's work as their own. That way if anyone is found cheating their account can be frozen and they will not have benefited from someone else's hard work.

It's not fair, you show favouritism. Why do you let certain accounts have images for their names? Why can't other users have images as their names?
This is not favouritism, you used to be able to set pictures as your name, but we stopped it as people were abusing it. The only accounts that have pictures as their names were the ones that already had them there before we made the change.

Who is
Last weekend one of our sponsor e-mails went a bit wacky and sent a blank e-mail instead of the proper one. This wasn't a fake staff member, aliens or anything like some of the wild rumours say, it was just an honest mistake which has now been fixed. If you were sent a blank e-mail, just delete it.

How do you know what your neomail address is? Is it just your username plus or you just make one up?
Your Neomail address is your username, it is not e-mail, it is only for on-site use. You can send a neomail to anyone on the site as long as you know their username (and they can receive neomails). Just type their username in the 'To' box and it will be sent to them.

Do those new mutants petpets you guys designed really look like Adam? I mean, isn't that impolite and rude?
Hmpf... did you see what he said about me ?!!? It's just fun, it's ok, we always pick on each other :)

Will you'll put poems in The Neopian Times?
No, but if you want to send in your Neopet related poem, you can always try entering the Poetry Contest. You could win 1000 NP, a rare item and a trophy for your Cabinet!

ARGHHHH! My guild messages are still disapeering and I know no one in the guild is deleting them!
It's not a bug... It is a cleansing script... With nearly 500,000 guilds, and some of the guilds having 20,000+ members... our database tables were getting ridiculously huge. Older messages are now purged from the system periodically.

I have heard people say "I got this rare Roo Island Crystal from Roo Island, the highest bidder gets the location of Roo island". Is Roo Island a real place?
No, they are lying. The Roo Island Crystal is just a normal Battledome item that any pet can use. It is not something you get from anywhere special. Roo Island is just mentioned in a Neopedia story, it's not a place you can actually visit.

Are you ever going to make a Shoyru Game?
Yes, but there are many other Neopets that don't have their own games also, it's not just Shoyrus. We intend to bring out more games with some of the less featured Neopets as the main characters.

I have a bone to pick... why is it that neopets has an e-mail for comments and suggestions, yet you never respond to any of them with the exception of the automated response?
Do you have any idea how many ideas, comments and suggestions we get sent? We cannot possible send a personalised reply to every single one. Instead we do read them all and act on as many as possible. The automated response is just set up so that you know your e-mail has been received and will be looked at very shortly. We do value what our players say, but the e-mails come in way faster than a team of people could ever reply to.

Does Krawkadon turn into Krawk the petpet?
No, Krawkadons are completely unrelated to Krawks.

I am kinda confused on one thing about The Neopian Times. I have been following the series in the Cont. Series Section for a while, and I wanted to write one of my own. Unfortunately, I don't know how! :(
Ok, basically you need to write the whole story and then send it to along with your username. Try to be more original, we have so many adventure and quest stories, it would be nice to have a change now and again.

How many Neofriends can you have? Is there a limit?
No there is no limit, you can have as many Neofriends as you want.

Please can we change the picture for Flotsams. All it looks like is a fish with overgrown flippers.
Well, I don't think Flotsam owners would agree with you on this one. We are not going to be changing the Flotsams for the foreseeable future. We may be changing the Lenny and re-drawing the Shoyru (not a major change, but it looks kind of dead at the moment and needs more character), but that is it.

Two of my pets are afraid of the Christmas Doglefoxes I bought for them. Will they be afraid of ALL Doglefoxes or just Christmas ones?
It really depends on your Neopets. They may just have a phobia for Doglefoxes in cute little red hats, or it may be all Doglefoxes :)

How many eyes does a Shoyru have??
Good question, we have been debating that for sometime and we finally agreed that it must have two as it is only really drawn in a side profile. That is one of the reasons we want to redraw it slightly (see above).

Why is my account stuck at 2 years, it should be 28 months?
Oops fixing now! By the way, the site hasn't been around for 28 months so I don't see how your account can be that old :)

Is there a way to make a pet hungry, because I can't feed my pet anymore, but I want to win Gourmet Club!:(
No, I am afraid at the moment there is no way to make your Neopet hungry, you just have to wait.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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