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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Editorial


Can you do me a favour? TELL ME WHY ALL THE OTHER PETS COME IN COOLER COLOURS EXCEPT FOR ZAFARAS?! I REALLY want to see a Mutant or Maraquan one. PLEASE let Zafaras be cooler, I'd really appreciate it :( - blazerdragon360
Aww, there are some really cool Zafara paint brushes available, but I will see what I can do to work some new ones in soon :)

I was wondering if you have to be online when the lottory numbers are drawn because whenever I but a ticket, I never get a chance to be online - icee_jasmine
No, you do not need to be online in order to win. If you have a winning ticket, your account will automatically be credited.

Can you please put Kiko Lake and Kreludor on the weather page? - Clay_aiken_rox_07
Sure :)

I have this tcg card. It has the normal yellow side with the logo but on the other side it blank. Is this rare? If so could you tell me the value? - maddieboo73
Wow, I have never heard of that before. Yes it is rare, I guess it was a printing error. As to the value, I honestly do not know. It really depends on if anyone would want to buy it or not and how much they would be prepared to spend on it.

As I was looking at the Colouring pages in the Darigan Citadel, I noticed that there were no AWESOME pictures or just stances of lord kass. Would you possibly be able to add some in the future? - teegg
Yes, we will be adding more colouring pages around the site, including in the Darigan Citadel shortly.

Hmm...the game Freaky Factory was recently released and still up...but why is it in the Game Graveyard? - dragonlegendary
Heh, it was a joke, we were winding up the programmer who coded it :)

I just love the Game Graveyard!! Are you going to eventually add all "discontinued" games? - potatoqueen
We will try to put as many of our old games in as possible. Some we may not be able to do, but if we can add them they will be there.

Why is Hannah from HATPC an Usul? Why couldn't she be someother type of pet? - c1a2t345
Many people like Usuls, we cant have all our heroes being Lupes and Aishas now.

How much are Blue Draik Eggs in Meridell food shop? - b0b_the_buileder
They sell for around 60,000 NP if you are lucky enough to find one.

Will you please mak the maximum amount of neopoints in bids in the Trading Post higher. Also will you make some more bank accounts for higher amounts of Neopoints? - neo_dude_19
I will look into the Trading Post, but I think we can definitely do the extra levels of bank account.

Why were Neocircles taken off the site? Will an updated version come out that allows us to form Neocircles with just our petpages? - kittylin
Basically Neocircles were a mess. They didnt work properly, looked ugly and just needed a complete overhaul. They hadn't really been updated since we first started the site and we just weren't happy with them. We have taken them down while we work on making something better.

Would you add Fyora to the How to Draw page? And is there going to be a Fyora Day? - pocahontasgirl2000
Yes, Fyora Day is coming up very soon. She will be added to the How To Draw pages then.

There are 6 Kiwi realted items (Large Original Kiwi Smoothie, Mega Original Kiwi Smoothie, Small Original Kiwi Smoothie, Kiwi Slushie, Banana and Kiwi Pizza, and Kiwi Milkshake), but there is no Kiwi item. What's up with that? - blook288
Hehe, well spotted! Kiwis and more Kiwi related items will be added this week.

I was looking at all the page with all the pets that can be painted Darigan, and I saw what looked like a cross of Korbat with Usul. Is that supposed to be like that, or is it just a mistake. What pet is it supposed to be anyway? - neo_150
That would be the Darigan Usul. It is supposed to look that way, although I can see why you could be confused.

How do you get a Pea Chia Pop, or any magical Chia Pop for that matter?? I would really like to know because I would like to get a cool Chia, either pea or asparagus like all of Adam's pets - Money005
Chia Pops (including the magical ones) are on sale in the Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. You may also get one as a random event, although the food shop is your best bet.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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