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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Editorial


This week's editorial is a little different. Rather than use the normal submissions we decided to ask the players on the boards what they wanted to have answered. Don't worry we will get to all the submitted questions, so if you sent in a question that way, it won't get ignored.

For this time we posted on the Battledome section, before I get bombarded with 'that's not fair' comments I will make sure the next time we post on the boards for questions it is in another area :) Yes, there are a few questions from the same people, but again, it was from a board, not the normal submission process so it is a little different.

Anyway hope you enjoy it :)

Will TCGs ever be available in Canada? - Neomaniac1603
We are in Canada already :) If you look on the Wizards site, you can seach by area. We just did a search for Toronto + Neopets and it pulled 20 stores in just Toronto. To double check we called the first store on the list and they confirmed they do carry the Neopets TCG.

When will the next lenny conundrum be posted? - 1337tcer
As soon as Adam writes it - *pokes Adam in the ribs*

Is there any way to get the asparableh avatar? I want one to match my Chia - Hubrids_mansion
I am afraid it is a super special avatar that is very exclusive. I cannot tell you how to get it, Adam would kill me!

Why aren't there any Babith related items ;_; It's like got no colours, no items, not even in a game o.0 - Hydruxo
Because we hate it :) Nah seriously I will add some Babith stuff for next week.

Are you going to make Petpetpet's detachable? - Simlio
I think we should yes, they are an awful lot of NP to lose.

Are shorter restocks going to become permanent or are you planning on making them how they used to be (as in, book could actually fill up 6 rows worth of books in a rs)? - Uncelebrated
There is something funky going on with the restocks right now. We are trying to find out what is wrong and fix it. We didn't intentionally change it and it will be back to normal as soon as possible.

If you're reading this can you make new worlds or let us see the OTHER side of Neopia in 'Explore'? - Guild_minion
Well Kreludor will be a new world, you wont get to see the other side of Neopia until 2005 I am afraid.

Why can sick pets be challenged and fight but not challenge and fight? - Petpetpal7
That is a very good point. I will talk to our resident Battledome expert about this and see if we can change it.

When will a new Species be released? - Dowadity
In just a few weeks.. not long now!

Neoschools? I think that word is self explanatory - Hydruxo
Yes, we deserve that... Eep I don't know where to start, but we will get back on track with it soon.

Could you please create Submission Forms for all of the contests you hold? Can you also please fix NeoGardens .-. There are a lot items that when put into your Gardens it shows about 3 different items attached to it x.x - Neomaniac1603
Ooh two questions in one... sneaky! I will try to find out about the submission forms. It is much preferable to email for us so it is very likely that it will be implemented. With the gardens we are fixing items as soon as we find out about them. If you know of any in particular please submit a bug report about it.

I missed getting the Easter avatar, will it be available next Easter? - Luna_bella
Possibly, or we may make a whole new avatar for next Easter. We haven't decided on that as yet.

Why aren't there penaltys for withdrawing from battles? - Bulldawgred
This was something we thought about doing but then decided against it although I can't remember why. I will look into it again.

Can you give Cellblock a restart feature please? - Dangerous_mind5
Point noted and forwarded to the programming dept.

Can you make an avatar gallery on the lookups? - Phoenixfire213
I am not sure if this will be too database intensive, but I will see what we can do.

Was there something wrong with monthly tournaments dishing out trophies this month? - Indietoast
I didnt notice anything strange, but if there is something in particular you know about, please send us a bug report and we will try to fix it asap.

How about when are we gonna get some new hidden tower items - Aerospacegod
Wow the Hidden Tower, I had completely forgotten about that! Very soon!

Will my Abominable Snowball that is attached to my Kau change or do I have to unequip it? - Hyperpixi1325
Don't unequip it! I will change the filename so it will automatically update.

Ever going to make a Trophy Collectors Avatar? - Jazz_invincible
I have this and all the other avatars that were suggested in a big list that I am sending to Snarkie now :)

How about having a Zumagorn themed day sometime this month? There's barely any Zumagorn related items - Neomaniac1603
Point noted. I don't know why, it is just a Petpet that seems to get overlooked all the time.

What's the name of that mystery pet? - Na1060
I can't tell you sorry, it is all very hush-hush at the moment (and yes we have actually thought of it!).

By the way, what happened to Fyora Day? I remember it being mentioned that it was going to come up *last* month, but I've yet to seen it. - Glowing_dreamz
Bah, I can't be expected to remember EVERYTHING can I? Sorry I honestly forgot about it :( Actually I have been thinking of setting up a page where you can submit requests for the theme days as there are so many aspects of the site that people find interesting and would be great to have a theme day for. I will try to get this live some time next week.

Can you add more images to the Site Kit? o.o Maybe stuff from the new Sloth TCG? - Neomaniac1603
Eeep another thing I forgot about... I'm going to be a busy bunny next week :) Sure, more images coming up!

I don't understand how Usuls can't be painted Desert, yet Princess Vyssa is a Deserty Usul - Kilawher
Ok, I guess we could add a Desert Usul, although it is a retired Paint Brush. It would have to look very different to Princess Vyssa though, I couldn't see male Usuls being very happy about looking like her.

I love that new area Kreludor... But I have a question. For the vending machine, do you get the tokens from a new random event? - Evilwillsurvive
They were (and still are) being given out when you redeem a TCG prize code, they are now in the Space Battle shop also so they should be easier to get hold of.

Can Neopets be done in Gaelic? So Irish people can read it too? - Petpetpal7
Lol, well Welsh is coming shortly so who knows :)

Oh how bout this...a spell check for your posts so you don't have typos! - Iluvmykittykats134
Mmm... spell check, I wish I had one.. That is a cool idea, although I am not sure it is doable.

Hey. What do ya'll have planned on doing next for the news like the whole war and all - Inspector_general
I am not sure how much we can tell you. Firstly we are going to round up the Battle For Meridell plot. Sorry that has been a while, but I think you will love the ending. Then as you may have guessed, our attention is going to turn towards Kreludor and the fate of the Orange Grundos. You can expect to see a lot more of Dr Sloth, loads of new games and a new look Koi!

Mabye different themed toolbars (world, create a pet, explore, etc.) for different places in Neopia. Like Faerieland would have a Faerie-themed toolbar thingy that matched with the place - Ed_edd_n_eddy_tjg
This is something we discussed doing a while back, I am not quite sure what happened to it as we all really liked the idea. I will try to make it happen this time.

How about a warning system like in AOL Instant Messenger? Would take a load off the mods and, if implemented correctly, will be hard for malicious people to take advantage of. o.O - Shakuurnaerudon
It would have to be very carefully thought out, otherwise people would just spam warn each other just to be mean (like people do with AIM :p) although it is definitely something we will look into.

Why dont you make a separate battledome for people who like to have certain rules in their fight, can you plz post if you are considering it? - Yitsock
I am not sure if we could do a whole seperate battledome but we may be able to have certain rules be selected before you fight that we make sure are followed.

Is there any way of turning the sound off on the wheel of takes forever? I like to listen to music while I am here and the ticking in the background has me looking over my shoulder for Captn hooks croc! - Niagaran
Yesm just click on the speaker symbol and youe sanity will be restored :)

That's all folks, sorry I would have answered more but that was all I could grab before the board vanished!

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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