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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Editorial


On the Neopets homepage it said that neopets had many things to offer including six-eared cats... What? - Mrswillturner
It randomly inserts a phrase at the end, that is referring to Alien Aishas.

Are you going to revamp Kougras next? I like my Mutant Kougra, but now because of the Tyrannian Kougra and Faerie Kougra revamped, I thought that you guys could revamp the Mutant one next. - Gsketch18
Actually we are planning to give a little touch up to all Kougras, not just mutant. Don't worry we do not want to drastically change them, just make them look less static.

My pet has a Grey Cirrus and I noticed that it has a sad face instead of a happy one. Is my Petpet sad? How do I cheer him up? - Starr_queen123
Yes, your Petpet is sad because it is painted Grey. The only way to put a smile back on it's face is to paint it another colour. The sad face can be quite cute though, once you get used to it :)

How come there are no paint brushes for Grundos? Theres paintbrushes for Krawks! - Imsmart07
I am not quite sure what you mean, Grundos can be painted 25 different colours as well as the basic four. Krawks can only be painted 24 different colours.

I think I speak for many of the Gruslen owners when I say that I was very upset when the Gruslen wasn't chosen for PPL on Gruslen Day!:( I did however love the avatar. - Andirules13
Glad you liked the avatar, don't worry we will make sure Gruslen owners get a reward soon.

After being a Neopets user for over 21 months, (and having purchased Neopets merchandise), I've noticed that there is *still* no merchandise for Eyries. Currently, they are (8th - Eyrie 3,692,212) in the overall ownership, but nothing is in the stores. What there *is* however, is plenty of Aishas (#19 @ 2,680,925). Why is this? I can understand merchandising based on lower numbers (for more popular pets, like 3rd Place - Kougra @6,253,908 ), but why the jump in merchandising for less-popular pets? When will Eyrie owners get to buy Eyrie-related merchandise? - Doxpara
I will pass this on to our merchandise team as this is not the first request I have had regarding Eyrie merchandise. We really do want to do all the species in some form of merchandise as understandably, people want to be able to have a real-life version of their Neopet. It just worked out that we made Aisha ahead of many other Neopets. I will do what I can to get Eyries included in our future plans.

Whenever I go to the Smuggler's Cove on Krawk Island, there is never anything to sell? Why is that? Is there ever anything to sell or is it something old and never used anymore? - Emilyryan629
Truthfully it is one of the areas of the site that we tend to forget about. I will try to make sure something is added to the cove at least once every two weeks.

Would you be annoyed if one was to send you more then one editorial question (or submission) Even if they are of separate issues and are not spam in any way? Also is there any rule which says that only one submission per person can be posted in the editorial section of the Neopian times? Or can one have two or even three questions answered in the same issue? Or would that be giving to much free speech (and we all know that free speech = power) to one person? - Lady_quintessence
No, by all means submit as many different questions or comments as you can come up with. We really do want to know what you think about everything we are doing. It is rare for more than one question per person to be in an issue, but this is purely due to the sheer number of submissions rather than any rule we follow.

Hi! Do you know the TCG card Jerdana, that blue Aisha who is a hero type? Is she real? If she is, where is she? - Bittybits149
Jerdana is a character from Talador. You will be hearing a lot more about her, Siyana and all the others later on.

If you (and pretty plese with asparagus on top do) revamp the Lupe, would you please make it kind of puppy-wolf like. Pretty PRETTY please (with asparagus)! - Tropical_fish187
We are going to try to redo Lupes this week (it is Lupe Day after all). We will NOT be changing it drastically however. There are many people out there who love their Lupe just the way they are. We are purely trying to give it a little more character and dimension. (We may also do something about that weird caved in back thing too :P)

~Ahem~ I'm a bit of an astronomer / astrologer / uranologist and I was wondering if there are any official constellations in the stars in the Neopian sky located in the 'explore' picture. I have seen a few patterns however I don't know if they are intentional or not. If you do have constellations could there also be a Neopets horoscope? - Lady_quintessence
The star patterns on the 'explore' page are purely co-incidental. We are doing something with constellations in the future and the explore map will be updated accordingly. Each constellation has its own back story and meaning, so it should be pretty interesting.

To get the caption contest - funny avatar you have to win a caption contest or is it only for the 400th caption contest? - Lattywatty
It was only for the 400th contest. It will however be given out for the winners of the 500th, 600th, 700th etc.. so there are more chances to get hold of it coming up.

Why is Meridell always under attack!? Man poor guys over there. :( - Cardomain
Hehe, yeah you would wonder why anyone would live there! Fear not a totally different area is the centre of our next plot. You could even say it is somewhere out of this world :)

If there is a Darigan PB shouldn't there be a Meridellian PB or was the royal PB supposed to be Meridellian? - bupkiss99
The Royal Paint Brush is more generic royal than Meridell. There are other royal families in Neopia and we will be doing a lot more with these in future storylines.

I LOVE the new Harris stuff, can you make more?? Maybe a Harris themed day?!?!?! I would LOVE a harris avatar!!! - Cfecht
Point noted!

What was the first game ever made on Neopets? - Chloabonner_forever
That would be the one and only - GUESS THE CARD! Amazing isn't it!

What is the difference between plushies and Petpets if any? - Angelclairebear
Plushies are toys, they are just fluffy cute things to cuddle and collect. Petpets are alive, they are sort of like cats and dogs for Neopets to look after.

Jeran isn't going to die is he? He is my favourite character!!! - Dino_water_head
I'm afraid you will have to stay tuned, but it would be HORRIBLE if he did wouldn't it!

I were battling the Giant Spyders, and I saw they were healing a lot. 6-7 Slime Potions! Almost impossible to win... Are they allowed to have that? Im confused... - Angellztaria
Spyders, like many Battledome challengers *ahem Sid* do not play fair. They cheat and will fight dirty if they have to.

I want to get a Draik, so I want to know whether I could hatch one from a Draik egg. - Kamenosuke24
Yes you can, although it is very hard to do so.

Do certain pets eat special things? Can they be allergic to anything? - JPbutterfly_07
Oh yes. Your Neopet can have individual likes and dislikes, plus sometimes entire species are allergic to certain foods, such as Kyriis and Apples.

Does a Woolypapith really exist? If it does, how do you get it? Just asking-there are so few!!! - Crazy_lobo
Yes, they are real. You can get them from the Tyrannian Petpet Shop, but they are rarity 99 so are hardly ever re-stocked.

If you go to the Petpet Puddle and go to the Purple painted Petpets it has something called a 'Purple Safsaf'! Is it real or is one of Adam's jokes?- 3muggles
Oh no, it wasn't one of Adam's jokes. It was one of Donna's mistakes :( It is fixed now and is back to being a Drackobunny!

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