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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Continuing Series > It Was Never Really There: Part Four

It Was Never Really There: Part Four

by moongirl170

Untitled Document "Amy? What's wrong? Where is my stuff?" Blue said calmly. Then, she exploded. "What? No, that can't be! No, no, get away from me! Stop, stop it! I don't need you, I don't need anybody! Get away! Let go of me, let me go!" Blue writhed around in her cage, until with a scream she shot upright in a cold sweat. She looked around at all of us staring at her. "It's okay guys, just another nightmare. Go back to sleep."

     "No," said Zgorf rather unexpectedly. "These dreams are not just nightmares. It's obvious they are suppressed memories from your past, memories that you just want to push away, forget about. But these dreams will not stop tormenting you until you let it out. Tell us." We were taken aback. That was the sort of thing you would have suspected from Neo, not the quiet Z. Blue gave her a long look, then took a deep breath, looked down at the ground and started. <p>

     "I lied to you guys. My owner wasn't like Cool's or any of the others. She wasn't an uncaring owner, although she didn't harbor much love for us. I was her second. She had two others in a matter of days. But she wasn't satisfied. When she decided that Usuls weren't her thing, she got rid of Babyface123 and got a Quiggle. When she decided that she no longer thought Jubjubs were the cutest pets around, she got rid of Fluffball999 and got herself an Acara. No one pet stayed for very long. She always got tired of them. I was probably the pet that stayed the longest. She had a soft spot for me. I watched pets being adopted, and abandoned all around me. I made friends, and lost them. Lost my only friends, because she got tired of them." A single tear dripped down Blue's face. "One day I got home from playing on Mystery Island. But our home was-different. All my toys were gone, and so was my little Harris, Moonbeam. Amy? I asked. What's wrong? Where is my stuff? ‘I sold all your toys,' she said, without a hint of sadness or pity in her voice. ‘And Moonbeam too. These really cute new pet just came out. I've had you for a long time, so I think it's time I get rid of you,' she said, happy as can be. I screamed, kicked, resisted her. Not because I wanted to stay. I just didn't want to go to the pound. But here I am now." She forced a weak smile, which quickly faded. Blue burst into tears, and cried out shakily, "She took everything away from me! She took my friends, family, toys, petpet, she took my life!" She collapsed on the ground, in a shaking, crying heap. Long story short, we stayed up all night comforting her. From then on, she never had another nightmare. A few days later, a girl walked into the pound. Her long, almost white-blond hair flowed down her back, held off her face by a red kerchief. We all sensed something about her, something strange. She stopped by Z's cage, and kneeled down.

     "Zgorf. Z," she said, not even looking at the name tag. "I am Crystal. Would you like to come with me?" Z looked up into the girl's eyes, and it seemed saw something there. Something clicked. But then Z looked back at all of us, sitting in our cage, watching. Even Blue was silent. The girl looked at us. "I understand you would miss your friends. Blue, Spaceman, Neo, Cool, and Rip," she said, looking at us each in turn, without even a glance at the tags on the cages. Then turned back to Z "This is completely up to you Zgorf" Z looked at all of us pleadingly, as if to tell us to understand, then looked back up at the girl and nodded. I gasped. Blue growled. "Blue, I understand that you don't want Z to go, after what happened with Amy, and all that has happened with Cool, but you must understand, not all humans are like that. There are many that do care for their pets. And I am one of them." This did not convince Blue. Z turned to her.

     "Blue, let me go. It is my own choice. I sense something in Crystal. I don't know what it is, but I can tell she has a good heart. Don't worry about me." Blue stopped her growling, and looked down at the ground.

     "I suppose it is your choice," said Blue. Z smiled.

     "Don't worry about me." Crystal called Rose over to the cage. She unlocked it, and Crystal paid her and signed the form, writing her name as Crystal_Fortune. Zgorf went to Blue's cage. "Goodbye Blue."

     "Bye Zgorf. You were a good friend. No, are a good friend. Thank you."

     "Goodbye Spaceman," said Zgorf, going over to Spaceman's cage.

     "Bye Z. Miss ya."

     "Goodbye Neo."

     "Farewell good friend."

     "Goodbye Cool," she said, turning to me. "I didn't get to know you very well, but I will miss you all the same."

     "Same to you Z. Bye Zgorf."

     "Goodbye Rip."

     "Bye," said Rip gruffly, trying to keep his dignity. "Ah what the heck, I'll miss you too Z!" Realizing how stupid his outburst sounded, he quickly coughed and resumed his normal tough appearance. Crystal looked down at Z.

     "Are you ready?" She nodded and looked back at us.

     "I'll miss all of you guys. I'll never forget you."

     "Nor will we forget you, Z," said Blue.

     Then Crystal spoke to Z. "Come with me, Ruby Z Fortune."

     I looked at the old name tag on Z's cage. It no longer said zgorf983b48ffjkds939, but instead, said Ruby_Z_Fortune. I looked up at Crystal.

      "How?" But I did not finish my sentence. Crystal, and Z were already gone. I had seen that one good human. But that did not banish the hatred in my heart. Sure there were exceptions, but there were exceptions to everything.


Despite the big, sad farewell scene, Crystal and Z, newly named Ruby, still visited us often. It was a few weeks before I was adopted again. Two girls walked into the pound.

     "Here is the pound, where you can adopt pets that get abandoned by others," said one of the girls, who had short brown hair.

     "Hmm..." The other girl looked around. She turned her shadow-black haired head towards me. "I'll get that one, cuz I feel like it."

     "Well, okay"

     The first girl called the attendant over to my cage. I was taken away, once again, by someone who didn't really care. The girl didn't have any other pets, although she did have a one-room NeoHome. She didn't come very much, and when she did, she often forgot to feed me. Then, eventually, she stopped coming at all. I sat in the NeoHome., alone, starving, and sad. It looked like she would never come back, and I would be stuck there to rot, officially registered as her pet. Then one day, the door creaked open. I looked up, at this point, I would be happy to see even the girl who left me. But it wasn't RavenBlack829, for that was her name. It was her friend, the one that had been with Raven when she adopted me. She walked over to me, and knelt down.


     I didn't reply.

     "I'm really sorry, it's all my fault, I showed her Neopets, I didn't know she wouldn't like it. I know it's against the rules, but I asked her for her password. I just felt so bad for you, I had to come get you." Another exception. A human that wasn't all bad. "Come on, I'm taking you back to the pound." And so I again ended up at the pound. I still can't quite decide whether I hate or like that place.

     "Back again?" asked Blue. "This time we were kind of all expecting it. This time was a bit longer then usual though."

     "Yeah." Then more quietly, muttered to myself. "It was never really there."

     "What did you say?" asked Spaceman.

     "Nothing. Just nothing."


Three months later, I am sitting in the pound writing this. Everyone from the old gang except me and Blue have been adopted. Crystal and Ruby hardly ever visit anymore. I was moved to a larger cage when I grew to almost full size, far away from where Blue is. The pets around me don't understand. They all still have images of the perfect human that will one day walk through that door and say "That pet is the one for me!" and they will be taken home and loved and cared for, and bought paint brushes, and petpets and all sorts of wonderful toys. I know better, but I don't want to shatter their hopes. That is really all they have left. So, here I sit in the pound, still sitting here in my cage. I will probably get adopted, and abandoned by many other people in the future. And I know, that with every one, I will say yet again, it was never really there.

The End

Before you ask, yes, I do realize this story is HORRIBLY sappy. By the time I figured that out, I was too into the story to stop. I wrote this story in an attempt to make those planning to abandon a pet think a little, and maybe even persuade them not to. Don't say "Well, they will get adopted by someone." Because you never know who it is that will adopt them. All characters in this story were made up, except for moongirl170 who adopted the Gelert, (duh!) her friend, who was lfofan84, although the account lfofan84 is currently in the possession of a hacker, (her new account is buffythevampslayer98) and of course the Gelert herself, Catty43_2000. My friend actually was showing me the pound when I was a newbie when I adopted Catty. Catty still lives happily with me, although no longer a Gelert, now an ever changing lab pet. I would also like to mention my Krawk Krazy friend kirsabear, who although she has no relevance to this story whatsoever, I thought I should mention as I am her editor for stories she writes for the Times.

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