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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 80 > Articles > Neofriends: Why Have Them?

Neofriends: Why Have Them?

by tolkienlordofthering

Untitled Document NEOMAIL - As we all know, everybody needs friends. But why have friends that you can't even see and probably will never meet? I'll answer these questions and more in this article, so read on.

Why have Neofriends?

People have Neofriends for many different reasons. Sometimes it's because of the amount of trophies the person has, or their popularity on Neopets; sometimes the person playing Neopets is a friend in real life too, and some people have Neofriends because every day their friend gives them the pile of dung that they've found that day while picking berries. Okay, so maybe that last reason isn't a very good reason, but it was the only other reason I could come up with, so don't stare at me like that.

Making Neofriends

What do you have to do to make Neofriends? That is a very good question, with a pretty simple answer. It is said that to make friends, you have to be a good friend. What that means is if you want a friend, don't give them a pile of dung every day. *Looks through notes* Wait, sorry, that's not quite what I meant.

First of all, to get Neofriends you have to either ask somebody to be your Neofriend, or wait until someone else ask you. In most cases, people will ask you to be their Neofriend because of common interests, like say, you both have cats, or maybe you collect piles of dung, er, dung furniture. Yeah, that's it.

Accepting and rejecting Neofriend requests

This topic is another easy one too, but this section is also the longest, and in my book, the most important.

When another neopet player asks to be your Neofriend, you either choose yes or no, by going to the Neofriend page--which is inside of the Neomail page-- and looking at the requests pending. But before you just go and accept all the requests you get without thinking, consider them. Try and find out a bit more about the person who wants to be your Neofriend. Maybe Neomail them and ask them for their reason to become your Neofriend. Is it because of all your trophies? Do you share the same hobbies? Are you both in the same guild? Have you chatted before? You must ask these questions, or questions like them before you just accept. Otherwise, you'll end up with 100 Neofriends that you never talk to, and you won't even know who they are or how you met them. Then you'll have to go through every so often and delete them, and do you know what's harder than rejecting those requests? It's deleting the Neofriends you already have. Trust me, I've deleted a few of the Neofriends I never talk to, and it's harder than to simply find out about the person and rejecting their request in the end.

I know that sometimes rejecting Neofriend requests can be hard, and make you feel mean or bad, like a big old grouch, but sometimes it just has to be done. I mean, you can't accept all the Neofriend requests you get, can you? Okay, so maybe some of you can, but if you even get just 1 request a day, it adds up. Think about it. If you've been playing Neopets for 2 months, and you get on average 1 Neofriend request per day and you accept them all, you'll have 60 Neofriends in no time. And will you have time to Neomail ALL your friends every few days to see how they're doing? Not unless you have lots of time on your hands.

Also, I've noticed that quite a few people--mostly guild leaders, and people in the high scores of the flash games--have a note on their user lookup saying something like this: Feel free to Neomail me, but I'm not excepting any more Neofriend requests unless you have a good reason to become my friend. It makes life easier for all of us if you just respect their note, and don't bog them down with a request every day--if they didn't accept the first time, chances are that they won't accept the second or third time you ask them.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying to never accept any requests, or just delete requests without even telling that person why you're deleting them; take some time in getting to know the person requesting to be your friend. You won't be acting lazy if you don't accept or reject right away. Take a few days considering it, so you know for sure if they'll be a good friend or not. But, if you're going to delete the request, the least you could do is Neomail the person and tell them why you won't accept. At least show some common courtesy. Maybe the reason you won't accept is because you have too much dung, and they want to give you some? Um, let's move onto the next section now.

Asking to be somebody's Neofriend

This is simple too. To ask to become somebody's Neofriend, just go to their user lookup and add them to your Neofriend list. Now hold on one minute, aren't I forgetting something? Well, like I said earlier, if you want a good Neofriend, you need to find out about them, right? So, before you just request to be their Neofriend, Neomail them! It's not that hard. Just send them a little note saying you want to be their Neofriend and why. If they write back, continue responding for a few days, and it they keep responding to you too, then send them a request to become Neofriends. If they accept, congratulations! If not, you could feel a bit upset, or even angry, but DO NOT start writing nasty notes--that could very well get you frozen. If you feel they've rejected your request because of something you said, ask them, and apologize. Remember: Even if they don't want to be your Neofriend, they'll probably still want to chat with you occasionally.

Giving and receiving stuff

Now, as of a few days ago, I know you can give things to people other than your Neofriends, but this part is directed towards Neofriend giving and receiving. The receiving part, now that is a piece of cake. (Or shall I say a piece of dung?) When a Neofriend gives you an item, you'll get a message saying something like this: So_and_so has given you a piece of dung. Of course, they could give you anything--fortunately it's not limited to dung. When you do get something from a Neofriend, be sure to thank them. They will appreciate it.

Okay, for the harder part of this section... giving. This can be a little harder than receiving, but it gives you a good feeling. First, find out when your Neofriends birthdays are. Then, on their special day, give them something nice. It doesn't have to be expensive-I'm not saying to go buy a paint brush for all your Neofriends birthdays, although, you could if you really wanted to--but at least make it nice-looking. And, you don't have to stick with only birthdays. If a friend needs help with a Faerie quest, and can't look on the shop wizard, give them a hand. If the item is really expensive, just tell them the names of a few shops that have the wanted item. If it's cheap, or you're in a good mood, you might just want to buy the item for your Neofriend and give it to them. They'll thank you, and you'll feel like you've helped somebody.

Okay, my article is done now, so if you've read this far, you can go and give your Neofriend a pile of dung, and maybe they'll thank you. *Giggles in the background*

Authors note: I know I went on and on about how to get Neofriends, but that doesn't mean I'll be accepting tons of requests due to this article, if it even gets published. I WILL stick to what I said, and at least ask why you want to be my Neofriend But, DO Neomail me and tell me what you thought about my first article ever!

Oh, one more thing; forget everything I said about the dung. Your Neofriend won't really appreciate it (or, at least I don't think they will), it was just something I said to add a bit of humor. And definitely don't give me any dung! It'll soil my pretty smelling shop, since that's where it would go if it was given to me.:)

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