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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Continuing Series > Dragonmist: Part Ten

Dragonmist: Part Ten

by jenjen26785

Riddles and Trepidation

A few hours later, in a place far from where Angel had just been, a tiny White Aisha slammed a coffee mug onto a table and cursed loudly. Another Aisha - bright red in colour and a lot bigger than the white one - gave her a disparaging look and tut-tutted.

     "Now really, Angle there's not much need for that."

     "Not much need for it? NOT MUCH NEED FOR IT? We've been working on this blinking puzzle for hours! Of course there's a need for it!"

     Jakeio the Gelupe shook himself out of a doze and lifted his head from his folded arms. "Angle? I think you've had enough coffee now."

     Angle murmured something under her breath and sauntered back over to the table with its copy of the scrolls and half-smashed coffee mug. "I don't know what those Island folk were thinking when they created these 'Kumlaa Scrolls'. Were they deliberately trying to tick off every scientist that tried to interpret them?" She slammed the book shut. "Nothing seems to make sense. There are no encryptions. No riddles. No haikus. Just a collection of pointless quotes all bunched together and thrown randomly across the page. Argh!"

     The door creaked and in waltzed Angel, a picture of happiness.

     "Hey Angel!" cried Jakeio. "Congratulations on finding your brother! Saf told us all about it."

     "Thanks Jake," she replied brightly. "Aren told me some amazing things about my family's past. It's been a really rewarding experience talking to him." She yelped suddenly, and pulled a shard of porcelain out of her foot. "Hmmm. Papers scattered all over the floor. Another broken coffee mug. Angle's in a bad mood again, isn't she?"

     "Bingo," came the reply from under a ton of paper. Angle hopped onto a chair to be at approximately shoulder height with the Eyriess. "We've been working on this stupid puzzle thing that mad Island Mystic dumped on us on the unveiling of the Scrolls."

     "Anything I can help you with?" Angel placed her purplish-coloured glasses on the end of her beak and started to scribble on some paper.

     "I don't think so. Unless you know anything about 'Copper Swords' and 'Semantic Fields'."

     "Oh, that's a literary term."

     The was a prolonged stunned silence before Angle answered, "What?!"

     Angel placed the folder back without a glancing up, talking fluently as if she'd known these literary expressions by heart. "Say you wanted to write a paragraph that will remind your reader of, say, animals. Instead of using common words like 'walked' and 'yelled', you'd replace them with their equivalent, except in a synonym. So 'walked' would become 'galloped' and 'yelled' would become 'howled'. Dunno about the copper sword bit though. Maybe try and read between the lines to figure out a synonym for that." She placed the file on the desk, placed the glasses back in her bag and waved - "Toodles!" - before wandering calmly out of the door.

     In a split second the office was alive with the rustle of paper and bustle of bodies trying to get ahead on this new lead.

     "Alright, let's start with the basics," yelled Angle. "What was that quote from the Scrolls that Professor Chesterpot read out at the unveiling?"

     "Here it is - 'When the steel temples arise, the world will be overcome with greed. It is then when he will come with his terrible army… night dragons… heavenly being bearing a cross in a heart. Accompanying her, the copper sword, a new Excalibur, never wielded… last of the pure… half an arrow… bullet in the sky… spirits of the past will reawaken …"

     "Okay, first thing's first." The two Aishas and Gelupe crowded round the open book. "Steel temples. Sounds like a prophecy. Steel temples can only be buildings and skyscrapers. The island folk of that time would never have heard of civilisation outside Mystery Island, never mind any building except temples. And looking at the acts of the Tourism manager and the Mystery Island tourist industry, I guess we can't deny the greed thing."

     Saf folded her arms. "That's all fine and dandy, but who is the 'he' that I refers to? 'He' will come with his terrible army."

     "Hold your Unis. That part of the scrolls was worn down. It seems a bit odd that it is worn down after that particular point. You don't think someone might have rubbed this out deliberately, do you?"

     "I doubt it. Who would want to rub out such vital information?"

     "This evil guy they're referring to …"

     "… or someone who didn't want the evil guy to guess it was about him in the first place."

     "Woah. Hang on. That's a bit histrionic, don't you think? Who would want to do that?"

     "I suppose."

     Angle took a deep breath. "Anyway, back to these semantic fields. Night dragons."

     "Shady dragon? Shadowy dragon? Bleak dragon?"

     "We'll keep this one for later. How about heavenly being bearing a cross in a heart?"

     "Cherubic? Saintly? Celestial?"

     "A vampire?"

     "Go back to sleep, Jakeio."

     "Who else would have a cross in their heart?"

     "HEY! Remember what Angel told us. Read between the lines a bit."

     "Angel … remember what Angel told us …" Saf glanced at the Scrolls. "… I know this may seem a little farfetched, but what if the heavenly being is Angel?"

     "An angel? Yeah, that would fit perfectly."

     "No, not an angel. I mean Angel."

     The others looked at her curiously.

     "Seriously. Take this from someone who knows her the best, and for the longest. She wears that locket all the time, right? And have any of you ever seen what's in the middle of that locket?"

     "Sure," piped Jakeio. "It's a cross."

     "And the locket's shaped like a heart. So it's a cross in a heart."

     Angle leaned back on her chair. "Could just be a coincidence."

     "But there's more. Half an arrow. Like an arrowhead. The shape of the stripe on her head." Saf scanned down again. "But I don't get the rest of it. Night dragons … accompanying her, the copper sword, a new Excalibur, never wielded… last of the pure…"

     Saf suddenly gave a loud cough, her eyes wide with realisation. "Ambron led me into the cave where Angel had followed that Eyrie, Aren. I overheard them talking. Something about Darkgons and Kumlaas."

     "Like the Kumlaa Scrolls?"

     "Hang on, I'm getting to that bit! He said that these Darkgons were an army of Skeiths, and their name was abbreviated from 'Dark Dragons'. Like 'Night Dragons'. And they were an army."

     "This is getting a little too creepy for me."

     "Hold on, there's more! He also said that they were both the last of their kind. The last Kumlaas."

     Angle still retained her sceptical air. "But if that were true, why do the scrolls only refer to the heavenly being as the last of the pure if she isn't the last? There's Aren as well."

     "You've got me there. There are some things that still don't make sense. Like that bit about a sword. Angel would never use a sword! She's too peaceful."


At this time, completely unaware of the revelations that were occurring at the NSPA headquarters, Angel was walking silently and happily down the dirt track that led to ~The*Eyrie*Oak~. Evening was drawing quickly in, draining the sky a blood-red tone, awash with tears of rose that dripped down the scene. It was all eerily quiet.

     But the serenity of the scene was very suddenly broken by the sound of a high-pitched voice screaming out Angel's name. The Eyriess stopped, and a grey-and-white fluffy creature bounded up to her, panting heavily with her hat falling onto one side.

     "You're back!" she squeaked. "Thank goodness. I was getting so worried."

     "Worried? What's there to be so worried about, Twist?"

     The Acara's expression suddenly sobered, and she lowered her voice. "I've been trying to get in touch with Jen for hours. She hasn't answered the phone. I've got a funny feeling something's up - that's why I came here as soon as possible. Don't you think there's something creepy in the air?"

     Angel turned her gaze to the trees and the woodland around her. She was used to the bustle of life, the croak of a frog, or at least the gentle pitter-patter of rain beating against the canopy. But there was nothing. It was like something had scared all the life away. "I can't deny that. But Jen can look after herself, surely. I'll bet she's just been chatting to her friends and forgotten to put the phone back on the hook, that's all."

     Twist stayed silent. She nodded, but doubt was etched all across her face.

To be continued...

Author's Note: Something's in the air. Even happy-go-lucky Twist is worried. But why? Find out next week.

I love to know the audience's opinions on my stories, so if you have any compliments, criticisms, whatnot, send 'em on in!

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