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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Short Stories > How Jelly World Was Created

How Jelly World Was Created

by cuttie_pie1991

Alexandria, a blue Aisha, was at school during her 3rd period: Neopian History. It was taught by Mrs. Goldenrod, a yellow Eyrie in her mid-fifties. Alexandria personally thought this was one of her most boring classes. So, as bored as she usually was, she began to doodle in her notebook.

     "Alexandria," Mrs. Goldenrod called, "are you awake?"

     "Huh?" Alexandria said, lifting her head up. "Oh," she mumbled, "well, yes."

     "Pay more attention," the teacher warned, "or else I'll send you to the principal's office."

     "Okay," Alexandria said. She could hear some people snickering. Mandy, Alexandria's best friend (a red Kau), looked sympathetically at the blue Aisha. Mrs. Goldenrod returned to her lesson. Alexandria, however, continued doodling in her notebook.

     After a while, Alexandria closed her eyes and drew around in her notebook. When she opened her eyes, she was amazed that she had drawn a heap of jelly. The blue Aisha now had an idea of what draw: a world made out of jelly.

     A few minutes later, she was finished. Alexandria admired at what she had drawn (she loved to draw), and then, she thought she heard a voice saying, "... come to Jelly World... orange... yummy, and tasty..."

     "What?" Alexandria said out loud.

     Mrs. Goldenrod thought Alexandria was talking to her. "I said," Mrs. Goldenrod said as patiently as she could, "that-"

     "I wasn't talking to you," Alexandria said quickly. "I was talking to myself. You don't have to repeat yourself; just continue."

     "Thank you," Mrs. Goldenrod said. "Now..."

     Alexandria heard no more of her Neopian History teacher; instead, she heard the same voice as before saying, " ... come; I will bring you there... it is better than..."

     "Okay," Alexandria said. "I will go." In a flash, she felt herself being sucked through something; for a while, Alexandria felt extremely dizzy and could see nothing but darkness. Then, she landed onto a big piece of-you guessed it!-jelly.

     "Wow," the blue Aisha said, looking around. "Where am I?" she asked to no one in particular.

     "You are at Jelly World," a Faerie Usul said out of no where. "I am Sheila. Who are you?"

     "I am Alexandria," the blue Aisha introduced herself. "What is Jelly World?"

     "Jelly World is something my owner is building," Sheila explained. "He's super rich, and loves jelly-it's his favorite food. He found this piece of land while traveling to Mystery Island. He decided to live here after finding a gigantic piece of jelly. It's kind of like the Omelette at Tyrannia."

     "Cool!" Alexandria exclaimed. "Can I look around?"

     "Sure," Sheila answered. "Just don't eat anything," she warned, "or my dad will do something really bad to you, like-"

     "Okay," the blue Aisha reassured the Faerie Usul. "Bye!" Sheila walked away. "Cool!" Alexandria said. "A world made of jelly!" Alexandria started walking around. She was amazed at all of the people and Neopets who were helping. The blue Aisha wandered around, and ended up going into a mansion called The Jelly House.

     "What are you doing here?" said a Lupe dressed up as a guard. "It is still under construction. Go!"

     "Sure," Alexandria said. "Whatever. I'm going, okay? Bye bye, and-"

     "GO!" the Lupe thundered, and Alexandria sped off.

     "Geez," Alexandria said to herself. "He's so mean! He should learn how to control his anger." She looked up, and she met a blue Shoyru.

     "Hi!" said the blue Shoyru. "I'm Cordelia. You must've met Sheila already; she's my annoying little sister."

     "Yeah," Alexandria said, "I met her. I'm-"

     "Alexandria," Cordelia finished. "I know; Sheila told me. So, how do you like Jelly World?"

     "It's great!" the Aisha exclaimed.

     "I know how you got here."


     "Yep. I'm the one who let you come here."


     Cordelia looked around to make sure no one was listening. "I used magic," she said in a low voice. "I shouldn't use it; my owner forbids me to do any form of magic. He says it's bad for girls, but I don't think so. If it was bad for girls, then why would we have witches?"

     Alexandria nodded. "Good point. Did you tell your owner that?"

     "Yes," the blue Shoyru said. "He got really mad at me and said that we would never discuss magic again as long as he lives."

     "Doesn't seem fair to me," the Aisha observed. "Is he always like that?"

     "Usually; he just wants to be right all the time. If he is wrong, then he would say something like he did to me. I think I should be going now," Cordelia added. "Bye!"

     "Goodbye," Alexandria said, and watched the blue Shoyru fly away. "I never realized I was so hungry," she said to herself as she heard her stomach rumble. "I better find something to eat besides the jelly. I know! I'll find a restaurant! After all, I did bring some NP with me. 997 NP to be exact." Unfortunately, she couldn't find a restaurant.

     "No jelly, Alexandria; no jelly," Alexandria kept saying to herself. But she could her a familiar voice saying, "... eat some of the jelly now... nothing will happen to you... orange... yummy, and tasty!"

     "I shouldn't," Alexandria said to herself. "I know I shouldn't eat any of the jelly so that I remain safe." Then she looked around. Everywhere she looked was heaps of jelly, waiting to be eaten.

     "Maybe just one bite," the Aisha said. "Just one little bite, a bite so small that you can't even see it." So, satisfied, she took a bite so small that you can't even see it. "Mmmm," she said. "It's gooooood." Then she looked around. "Well," she observed, "no one saw me, so maybe I'll take another little bite, this one a just a little bigger than before." Just when she touched some jelly, she heard someone, and it made her jump.

     "Hey, you!" someone bellowed. Alexandria recognized this voice-it was the voice of the guard at the Jelly House she encountered earlier. "Stop! You are under arrest by law of the Jelly House!"

     "But it's not fair," the blue Aisha protested, now surrounded by two other guards. "There were no restaurants. I was so hungry, and since there was nothing to eat but jelly, I ended up eating some!"

     "Too bad for you," the Lupe guard said. "I'm bringing you to the future ruler of Jelly World!"

     Uh oh, Alexandria thought with a worried look on her face. This might as well be the end of me!

     Alexandria followed behind the Lupe guard, with another guard walking behind her. There were also two guards walking beside her, one on the left and one on the right. Finally, they walked to the Future Ruler of Jelly World, otherwise known as Max.

     "Well, well, what do we have here?" Max said behind a wooden desk at a NeoHome made out of wood.

     "Sir, she was caught eating jelly," the Lupe guard said. "I saw her with my very own eyes."

     "Why?" Max asked.

     "Because I was so hungry," Alexandria piped up. "There were no restaurants, so I decided to eat some jelly. I thought that no one would miss it if I ate one tiny piece of jelly, one so small you would need a magnifying glass to see it."

     "I see," Max said. "Guards, go back to your duty. As for you..."


     "As for you, Alexandria, food will be given to you. Servants!"

     At once, six or seven servants walked in the room in a straight line, each carrying a dish. Most of it was normal food, like Danish Bacon or Corn Pyramid or Organic Broccoli, but there also strange new ones, such as Strawberry Jelly.

     After Alexandria was done eating, she asked Max, "How do I leave so I can get back to Mrs. Goldenrod's classroom?"

     "Frenjimastorm, chinormanifreak, and greekahalaboom!" Max shouted. At once, Alexandria felt very dizzy and could see nothing but darkness.


"Alexandria?" It was Mrs. Goldenrod with a puzzled look on her face.

     "Yes?" the blue Aisha said, still a little dizzy.

     "Are you okay? Do I need to send you to the principal's office?"

     "I'm fine; can you continue on your lesson?"

     "Of course," Mrs. Goldenrod said, smiling. "He..."

     Alexandria heard no more. She was drawing Sheila, Cordelia, Max, the Lupe guard, and herself on her drawing of Jelly World, with a smile on her face the whole time.

The End

Author's note: Thank you for all who read it! If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, feel free to Neomail me! Bye!

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